Elle On Top

Greg padded through the carpeted corridor in his bare feet. Each foot fall involved sidestepping someone in the darkness. Couples wandering through or simply standing against the wall while they did their business in nothing more than towels…though often in something much less.

The back area of the club was very dark with only select lighting in some psychedelic feeling colors. The painted walls and ceiling seemed to be in some Santa Fe color tones, but with this light it was difficult to say.

Finally, proper-ish light appeared from the locker room ahead and Greg quickly found what he was looking for on the reception desk…a fresh towel and a condom package. With a sigh, and new-found determination, he spun in his heels…and knew he would pay for that later with the rug burning the base if his left heel…with a wince he took his first step back into the darkness.

Away from the brighter locker lights, he immediately stumbled into the arm of a black couch. The blonde on her knees in front of it looked up from the cock she was sucking with a giggle.

Greg shrugged and explained, “Busy place.”

She nodded once before turning back to the business in hand in order to take it back in mouth.

Continuing his trek, Greg walked slowly among the moaning and howling of the collected swingers. Much as he fantasized about joining a couple for some fun, he already had his goal.

The club was not normally this busy on a Saturday night. Saturday was couples only night which usually kept the numbers softer and the creepy guy factor down. The last time Greg and Elle had been here on a Friday, it had taken an effort to keep the guys off of her as the lack of respect and presumption of entitlement for some of the guys to play was palpable. After that, they had decided to only attend on Saturdays…except on special occasions.

Being single women were always welcome, and in a place like this well cum as well, Michelle was allowed in without question.

Michelle was one if Greg’s longest friendships. A redhead with curves a guy really needed to slow down to enjoy taking…something Greg often said. Tonight was Michelle’s first visit to the club…and though the sensory overload was evident even before the back play area had opened, she was enjoying herself.

As Greg finally walked through the curtain into the back room, he at least assumed Michelle was enjoying…

Her red hair was splayed across the mattress beneath her back…her short legs were spread wide with black lace panties pushed aside by Elle…Elle was currently making a meal of Michelle.

Not wanting to disturb, at first, Greg took a seat on one of the black couches along the wall so he could just watch.

Elle had licked pussy before, but not more than just trying it. This time, she devoured it…lapping at every but of juice that Michelle produced.

Michelle chirped, bringing a smile to Greg’s lips with the memory. He had forgotten that sound. He and Michelle had become friends and lovers after his divorce and, though they never dated with romantic intentions, he had heard her make that sound a few times before.

Now, Greg had a beautiful view of Elle’s ass…between that and the sound of Michelle’s nearing orgasm. He could not resist. Slipping off the couch he positioned himself on knees, with one hand on Elle’s hip and the other on his newly developed erection, he slid in.

With how wet Elle was, how could he not?

The last time Greg had done this…well, it deepened on who else was involved. Twenty months prior he had fucked a friend while she sucked off her sub. With two guys thrusting, Greg had not felt the control he had now. Twenty-two years earlier, at a drunken college party, he had fucked a friend while she licked another friend’s pussy…Greg had really been too drunk to remember much if it, never mind control it.

At the moment, with Greg’s thrusts, he was in control of both Elle’s and Michelle’s pleasure…it seemed Elle’s cunnilingus beat was taking cues from the beat of Greg into her pussy.

Michelle came and squirmed causing all three to laugh at her pleasured uncomfortableness. Greg pulled out so the women could switch positions. Watching these two beauties made it a but more difficult to break open the condom package and unroll the rubber than he had expected…but he succeeded and found himself back in the original thrusting position, but with Michelle now accepting his erection.

Soon, as was to be expected, Elle squirted and drenched all involved bringing more laughter.

The condom was quickly cast aside and Greg found himself sitting on the mattress. It was the most amazing visual to watch Michelle’s tongue running up one side of his cock while Elle’s ran up the other. Then each, in turn, took his length into their mouth.

In five previous trips to this club, Greg had yet to cum. He loved the place, but for some reason he could not orgasm…get it up, hell yes, but never ejaculating…until tonight. With Michelle deep throating, however, he had to hold back…though he would have enjoyed cumming in either of their mouths, his first time in the club needed to be in Elle…which he did when it was her turn.

She greedily swallowed it, not sharing any…which Greg jokingly made a mental note to suggest that she should share with Michelle the next time.

And there would be a next time…it, at least Greg was pretty confident that there would be as he sat at the pub the next day doing his ale, and hoping his grin was not too noticeable.

One thought kept coming to mind…next time will be Elle, Michelle and Ruby.

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