She Rode…

The sun shifted just over the eastern horizon and steam lifted from the damp grassy fields swaying in the Alberta dawn under the watchful eye of the Crowsnest.

Becky and Silver rode.

Crowsnest Pass was in Southwest Alberta, nestled up against the British Columbia border and under the mountainous guard of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Were one to fly into Calgary, it would require a three hour drive, first south to Fort McLeod, and then run west to the border and up…and up…and up…

Becky and Silver lived on a horse farm on the Southwest corner of the town of St. Gregory…Becky being one of the town’s 2000 residents…Silver being one of the residents that Canadian censuses never counted.

The two friends rode along a path, Becky’s red hair flowing out from beneath her black hat in the breeze caused by the speed of Silver’s gallop.  The path would lead up to Willoughby Peak if they rode far enough…but that was not their goal today.  This Sunday, while most of St. Gregory’s conservative Christian residents were attending church services in the competing steeples…Becky was on her way to get laid.

Her lover had come to town…and Becky would cum to him.

Quinn was an engineer that lived in Calgary.  He had often made the quiet, taboo drive to this town…and then to their cave.  Quinn and Becky shared a cave.

How neanderthal…how obscure…how erotic.

They had met on a fetish website and, due to their want to make love in the fresh air, they connected…many times over the years now.  It had begun simply as a fun adventure…the city boy in the country…fucking his horse farming friend…then it became more regular.

An evolving relationship where they remained friends but slowly became each other’s confidents…confessors…and guardians.

Now, as Becky rode Silver to the cave, she knew he would be waiting for her…as usual, in his shirt and tie that would be quickly cast off.  Before much longer, Becky would be riding Quinn…not Silver…with her back arched aiming towards the orgasm that she had only found with him.

They would spend the day in their cave, enjoying the warmth of the camp fire she would build as well as the rum Quinn would have brought.  They would wrap first in each other and then a blanket against the damp cool spring night…wake in each other’s arms and then make their way back to her farmhouse where, after farm chores, they would make love again and again.

Well…this was the unofficial plan as they always stated they simply wanted to fuck, but it quickly became much more.

Becky was used to farm boys.  Very manly…very rough…and really not thinking much beyond the head of their penis and the radiator of their John Deere…and she had met a guy, once, that called his penis, “John Deere”.  She found, however, Quinn did not have the aggressive ego of those boys…Quinn got off on getting her off…perhaps it was a fetish, but it certainly was hugely different from any that she had been with before.

Previously she had been beaten physically and psychologically…treated like little more than a farm animal by one

So many brutes…so little time.

Silver hoofed over the last hill to where Becky could see their cave.

Sure enough, Quinn stood at the mouth…about to be eaten by it.

Becky smiled.  She knew that Robin Williams was right…the men she had been with proved that they only had enough blood to operate one head at a time.

Quinn, obviously, had more blood.

Good thing for Becky…seriously…he knew how to make a girl cum…again and again…that, plus a vampire’s gotta eat, no?

wickedwedAuthor’s note:  The Crowsnest Pass is very real…St. Gregory’s, not so much.  When visiting Canada, so many hear of the massive cities of Toronto and Montreal, but to experience Canada’s true beauty, I recommend landing in Calgary…renting a car…and then driving through Vancouver.  Going through the Crowsnest will not be the quickest way, but for the beauty of Crowsnest…Blairmore…the Frank Slide…the Creston Valley…Castlegar…Kelowna…and then finally the most beautiful city in the world, Vancouver (being I am from Calgary, this says something)…call me a homer, but this is what you need to see.


  1. I love the ending too, really like the twists you give to your stories, but also the way you describe the events leading up to the twist. I’ve been in Canada once, in a log cabin close to a lake and close to nature. I loved it!

    Rebel xox

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