Atlanta, Savannah and Calgary…oh my! Stranded Tour ’13

The Stranded Tour 2013 is on.

Savannah, GA, USA, photo by Gregor Smith
Savannah, GA, USA, photo by Gregor Smith

Back in January, only one stop was planned. In fact, that was all that was planned until mid-May…and in the space of three weeks, two Georgia trips have been added on for this year.

I have not been to Georgia before…someone should warn those poor folks.

Calgary, Alberta, by Kevin Saff
Calgary, Alberta, Canada…photo by Kevin Saff

Now…I would also like to draw your attention to the right hand tab.  A bit of the way down…a little lower…keep going, it is there…you will find the newest part of the page “Stranded Upcoming Events”.  The three additions to the Stranded Tour, plus any other of my upcoming goings on that will be worth mentioning shall be found on there.  Please feel free to email me (stranded@strandedintoronto) if you see something that happens to pop up close by enough that we could say hello without all this cyberspace in the way.

Now then…shall we begin?

…and I’m sorry, but Ricardo Montalban was a much better Khan.

The Calgary Stampede, photo by Gabri-Micha
The Calgary Stampede, photo by Gabri-Micha

Yes, we shall begin…this year’s Stranded Tour kicks off on June 23rd. Will be my first time flying out of Billy Bishop (Toronto Island) Airport as I prepare to reign terror on the city of Savannah, Georgia. It is a work trip…three days training in the dreaded sun that we odd Irish heritage should avoid for fear of turning into burnt zombie-like beings. I am not aware of anyone I know in the area, so this is likely to be all business…and hourly some serious writing in an air-conditioned hotel.

Next, on July 4th I return home for the first time in the years…and I’m taking my kids with me. Taking the daughters back to my hometown of Calgary, Alberta. We will be there for the parade, the midway and even the rodeo that goes along with the 101st Calgary Stampede. Likely a bit of family stuff, but hoping to meet a couple of tweeps for a drink one evening while I am there.

Screen shot 2013-06-12 at 6.11.46 PMThen…and not to suggest nothing will be added in between…we skip ahead to October 18…when the Stranded Road Show brings descends upon the unsuspecting citizens on Atlanta…home of the 1996 Olympic Games, the Winnipeg Jets and the Calgary Flames…and now host of Eroticon 2013…unless, like the two aforementioned hockey teams, it losses that to a Canadian city as well…perhaps Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Long story, google the history of NHL hockey in Atlanta…you’ll laugh.

Atlanta, GA, by k1ng
Atlanta, GA, USA…photo by k1ng

The reason for this trip, and the biggest event on the calendar for this year’s trips, is Eroticon USA.  An erotic writers’ conference…a spin off of Eroticon that happened in the UK the past two years.  I have already registered and will be working on getting a flight in the night before and out again the day after.  Will be fun to meet the likes of @mollysdailykiss, @domsigns and @penelope_prose…three friends I am certain will be there.  There are other friends who I suspect might, but have not yet heard.

There will likely be more to add as time goes on.  Perhaps a return to the Rock n’ Roll HoF in Cleveland now that Rush has been inducted.  Perhaps a lotto win that makes even Dublin a possibility.

Well…would be nice, is all I am saying.  Regardless…Toto, this definitely is not your mother’s Kansas anymore.

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