Photo by Movie Stars and Rockets
Photo by Movie Stars and Rockets

I have never understood the male fixation with breast size.

Have just sat down at the pub below my condo and am finding the bar maid particularly flirtatious at the moment.

The usual uniform here is the kilt and low-cut black T-shirt which, in this scribe’s opinion, do more for the look of breasts than the white sorts of, say Hooters.

I have stated many times that, if anything, I am a face man…first thing I see on a woman is her eyes, lips and hair. Likely explains a bit of my oral fixation ass fellatio is huge for me and i admit…being the sexist man that I am, I allow my mine to think of what her lips would look like around me.

Second is one of two things, and this all depends on how she is dressed…legs are more common and explains my thigh boot fetish…but cleavage when she shows, gets me faster.

Yes…cleavage…not breast size.

Again, it is complete selfishness, I admit. I often picture what my erection would look like laying between them as her mouth works the tip.

There are some out there who, realizing I live with a wonderful and sexy woman, would suggest that I should not think such things when looking at other women.

First, I am a guy. We think about sex. Deal with it.  Second, I am an erotic writer, published in the genre. I would lose something if I did not allow my mind to wander.  Third, I am Libra and of Irish descent…making me a natural flirt.  Finally, I am a strong believer in that it does not matter where the appetite comes from so long as one eats at home…plus we are swingers, so if I find a woman or guy or couple that works for both m’lady and I, ’tis all good.

Political correctness has often suggested that certain natural aspects of the human psyche should be suppressed. I have always found the opposite in that the libido is much easier to control when it is allowed to be out and play.

Where the problem comes is when any thought of a sexual nature is deemed as taboo…causing the rebellious part of the mind to dwell on it. We always dwell on the taboo.

So, yes, when I meet a woman I am usually thinking first of her lips and then of her cleavage…and in both cases of what should be between them.

At least I can admit this and yet not judge her on what my mind thinks of it.  That part, being purely fantasy, does not matter.  Sometimes a fantasy is just a fantasy.

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