Elle Freezes Over … #snaperotica by Stranded #ASMSG

Elle pulled her dress on and danced slightly to help it fall straight.

It did not work, so Greg stepped up behind to help…sort of.  He straightened the waistband of it and then lifted the skirt.

“What are you doing?”

His answer was one hand on her hip and the other pushing between her shoulder blades in the international symbol of “bend over”.

Elle obliged.

With skirt lifted, and Elle bent over on the bed in front of him…what was a guy to do other than unzip and drop his jeans to mid-thigh?  The next obvious course of action was his erection pushing between her legs.

Elle, knowing where this was heading, spread her legs just a little farther apart.

This did not help, unfortunately, as it lowered Greg’s target and he missed the first attempt to slide in.  Instead the head of his cock nestled against that fleshy bit between pussy and ass before finally sliding just low enough to find the warmth and wet of Elle.

It had been a hot day, and this was no way to cool off as they thrust together and sweat together until climax was hit all around…a quiet, comfortably uncomfortable climax, but orgasmic nonetheless.

“We should shower before we go out,” Greg thought and said out loud, not really meaning to.


He shrugged.  “Would save water.”

“We’re not going out if we do it together.”  Elle glared at him.

Greg nodded.  “Okay,” he said sitting on the bed and pulling out his laptop, “You first.”  His fingers began to dance the jig of a story that included a rising skirt and a shared shower.

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