Now You Don’t…

Photo by beth darbyshire“There are certain advantages to being invisible.”

Gloria grinned. “Oh, do tell.”

He licked what was before him…her clitoris, spread open with his fingers.

A scream escaped her lips followed by giggles.

“See what I am saying, you never know what is coming.” He pushed two fingers inside her.

“Fuck, yes!” It seemed she liked the idea.

He pushed the fingers in deeper and curled as though using then to tell her to cum here.

Gloria screamed with delight.

“We’re just getting started.” He knelt up and shifted beside her…keeping fingers well inside and wet. He aimed perfectly as he lowered the to if his cock to her lips…not an east task when one is invisible.

She did not need to be asked twice…note even once, for that matter, as her lips opened to accept him.

He sighed as his cock hardened in her mouth and he pushed deeper. “Good girl.” His fingers began to get rougher with her pussy, slipping in and out and actually grasping get between her legs.

As was inevitable, Gloria squirted…a wet spur developed as she sprayed the comforter in the bed. “Fuck me!”

Who was he to say no? His cock might be invisible, but damn it was hard. He shifted…aimed…

The initial penetration drew another scream from her that would wake neighbors…were there any. She wakes like the banshee and kicked and screamed and raked nails until blood was drawn from his back.

Although, not even the blood was visible.

He thrust into her over and over until his own orgasm was reached…just as the key in the front latch clicked. He quickly disjointed and slipped to the corner.

“I’m home,” came the Fred Flintstone like voice from the front hall.

“Hi Honey.” She quickly recollected herself. “I’m waiting for you in the bedroom.”

The Sneaker slipped out as Fred…or whatever his name was…entered. With little more than a click, he was out the door and down the hall to the elevator. He was home, in fact, before his invisibility began to fail.

The full length mirror in his main apartment entrance showed his pale skin…and in a quick spin blood lines down his back that her nails had caused. His six-pack abs, well tuned shoulders and ass, as well as his blue eyes and shining smile were all perfect…but when one could be invisible, what the hell did they matter?

“That was awesome,” he whispered to his reflection.  He then stepped from his hall and into his living room that subbed as a laboratory. “I must make more of that juice.”

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