A Moment On the Grassy Shore

Photo by Justin Seabrook-RochaThe sun crested over the ocean horizon peeking out as Earth awoke.

Hilda and Dwayne, however, had yet to sleep.

Her blonde curls cascaded just past her freckled shoulders and her hazel eyes shared her mouth’s grin that she offered Dwayne. “This was fun.”  She was wet with sweat, the spray from waves hitting the rocks below, as well as due to Dwayne’s actions.

His fully bearded brown haired head nodded in agreement and returned the smile. “We have to do it again.” His brown eyes searched the scene quickly.

Birds chirped above as they hurried in formation south with urgency. Bruno, Hilda’s Doberman, lay on the cool grass panting and keeping watch.  Otherwise, the grassy hill was theirs beyond the occasional wet spray from below.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Hilda hugged him close for the warmth. October ocean breezes always made her cold…even when she was dressed, never mind now without a stitch on.

Reaching over to the pile of clothes and blankets they had brought, Dwayne was able to produce a second heavy gray  wool blanket to wrap around them.

She shivered a few moments longer until calming.

Dwayne pushed back her hair and kissed her forehead. “We can stay and watch the sunrise at least.”

She nodded and turned around on her knees before settling back in to straddle him backwards and rewrap them tightly in the blanket. Keeping her left hand clasping the blanket closed, her right reached between her legs to find his flaccid member. Her touch had it hardening immediately as she guided it inside of her and settled down on top of it.

A playful nip of her shoulder accompanied Dwayne’s appreciative quiet moan.  His cock found such warmth inside her and he was amazed they ever kept their clothes on when together. He lowered his lips to behind her shoulder and continued to watch the sunrise peeking from behind her.

Bruno turned and watched the movement before setting his muzzle on his paws.

Her free hand stroked his testicles while very slowly she raised and lowered on top of him. Perhaps the slowest fuck the two had ever had as they usually were much more aggressive with everything from public quickies to floggings to hair pulling.  This time, however, was extraordinarily gentle.

“This isn’t going to last,” he said. “Those clouds look ominous.”

She turned and followed his gaze directly upwards. “Yeah, they look like…” Her voice caught as the first snowflake fell in front of her.  “We probably are out of time anyway.”

Bruno stood up quickly with a slight growl and tried to snap at the light snow to defend himself.

“We still have another bottle of wine,” Dwayne protested.

“If it were warmer, I’d say pour it over me and drink,” she said with a giggle.

The dark clouds above were moving out over the water to meet the sun, and more snow began to fall. Softly at first, but the intensity quickly picked up.

“I don’t care how much time we have.  I still want you.”  He lightly did pull her hair.

In an attempt to keep warm they stopped for Hilda to turn back around before remounting and, once again, wrapping.

Dwayne gripped the blanket closed behind her, but found it more difficult to hold as their thrusting became more intense.

The grass was gone, as were their clothes, all under a fresh clean white sheet.  Bruno was wet and tried to shake off the white from his glistening black coat.

Hilda tensed as her orgasm squirted from her. She screamed and her fingernails dragged across Dwayne’s back.

Dwayne followed, his cum pushing up into her with a cry of his own.

“I love you,” she whispered and bent to kiss him.

“I love…”

All went dark. The dark green walls of the entertainment room lit with the overhead lights. A pleasant female voice announced, “Your time has expired. For additional time, please pass you’re hand chip over the sensor. Thank you for using the Hollow Communication Corp.”

Dwayne sighed and pulled tissues from the box on top of his clothes to clean himself off.

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