Best Seduction, Ever!

by Slim45adyThe room was dark, covered in blankets of waving shadows from the tiny bit of light seeping in the window past the outside tree branches.

“Dude,” Gray said, looking straight in my eye.  “You start so many stories that way.  You can do better.”

“I see…you think you’re an expert.  Maybe you should write this then.”

A grin grew line a weed across his face.

“Shit…okay then…fine.  You do it.”

“Excellent!  First I need a leading lady.”

The room simply went black and nothing moved.

“This isn’t easy, is it?” I pointed out.

“Shut up!  I got this.”

A spotlight lit from above showing a king sized four-poster bed with satin sheets and a puffy Egyptian cotton duvet all in shiny black.  Otherwise the room was silent and motionless.

Then Apple appeared on the bed naked…wrists and ankles restrained, leaving her spread eagle…and she did not look happy.  Her straight hair seemed even more darker, and yet brighter red than usual on the black satin.

“Gray, seriously buddy, I’m not sensing a plot here.”  I chuckled and crossed my arms, keeping them off the keyboard much as I wanted to take over.

“Plot?  I just want to get laid…and by her.”

Apple’s eyes burned through him but she had a big smile.  “You’re going to pay for this, you do realize.”

Gray, in his typical tight t-shirt to show off his six-pack and tight black jeans sat on the side of the bed.  His hand lightly brushed at her left breast.  “I know you’d rather me seduce you, but this will be fun too, no?”

As best she could, she shrugged.  “You stupid fuck, I was written slutty.  Of course I’d sleep with you, but this is what you want?”

He thought for a moment.  “Maybe you’re right.”

In a blink, the scene changed to what seemed to be a street corner under a street lamp.  The scene evolved further, however, with the sound of gulls and the echoing of a ship hull as the street lamp was replaced by torches above and the street itself to a wooden boardwalk on a warm coast somewhere.  It looked very ancient and yet modern at the same time.

Apple stood, leaning against a wooden-slat wall in thigh high leather boots with black stockings that showed just a touch of pale flesh below her tight black mini-skirt…all topped off by a black and red corset that exaggerated her cleavage without being too obsessive about it.  Her eyes searched the scene…and her devious smile softened to one of excitement.  “Oh yes, this is better.”

Gray stepped from the shadow and surveyed the scene as well.  “I’ve been wanting to play with you properly for a long time.”

“I know,” she said with a shrug of her bare shoulders.  “Seems to me you were the only character he wrote that I didn’t sleep with last year.”

Having waited long enough, Gray walked over and stood in front of Apple.  He reached forward and grabbed a fistful of her red hair, pulling back to expose her neck so he could begin.

“Nice,” I whispered as I watched the couple.

Apple lifted one leg up and wrapped it around him as she enjoyed him feasting upon her throat.  Her hand went to his zipper and pulled, slipping inside where it dragged out his erection.

Gray groaned, more with anticipation of what was to come than the actual sensation so far.

Releasing him from the grip of her legs, Apple dropped to her knees in front of him.

“Finally,” he gasped.

Her smile opened just wide enough and she moved forward to take…

“Wait,” I said.

Apple froze, her lips barely off the tip of his penis, but yet to touch.

“Fuck, no!” Gray looked over.

“There is something not quite right here.”  I used my hands in a Joss Whedonesque square, trying to see the scene as though how a camera would present it.  “Can I fix something?”

His eyes rolled.  “You’re the fucking writer.”

“Good.  First, can I just say, Gray, that your fashion sense for Apple is stunning.  Love the outfit, of course…but those boots…”

Apple grinned, still stroking Gray’s cock and awaiting her chance to molest it with something other than her hand.

“Could we please just get on with this?”  Gray’s eyes blazed at me.

“Sorry, yes, of course.  First, back to black.”

The scene shifted again.  Once again, the four-poster bed with black satin sheets appeared.  This time, however, Gray was tied to it…face down.

“FUCK NO!”  he screamed.

“Fuck yes,” Apple said standing behind him.  She was still dressed in the same outfit but feeling the weight of the whip in her right hand.

Gray looked back.  “Wait!  Can we talk about this?”


“That’s better,” I said.  “I’ll leave you two to it and check back later.”

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