She Bytes

By Hmn-leagueClimbing up on Solsbury Hill, I could see the city lights…” Hilda sang quietly. Her blonde curls were matted and soaked, spread across the wet grass beneath her.

“There,” Dwayne pointed up into the dark sky. Faking a British accent, he continued, “That be Polaris.”

“That is a better Tim Curry than Tim Curry does.”

“You recognized it?”

She chuckled causing her now larger breasts to rise and fall. Her hands rested on her skin freckled belly just above her shaved pussy. “Of course, darling, Muppets Treasure Island was an awesome film.”

“Muppets are awesome,” he said with a whispered awe at her knowledge. I didn’t program that, he thought.

Her left hand reached over and wrapped around Dwayne’s flaccid penis. “You wanted to talk about D&D, though.”

This I programmed, he thought with a blossoming smile. “I brought me dee-twenty.”

“Critical fail,” she groaned, now stroking the erection she had created. “I left mine at the strip club.”

“Mmmm…I suspect I could loan one or five.”

“You have that many?”

“Bigger collection than my painted miniatures.”

“So fucking hot,” she whispered. Rolling over she crawled onto her knees and then straddled him. “My back is soaked.”

The sun began to drop a little lower, nearing the horizon of the ocean that splashed against the rocks below.


“More importantly, all this talk has my pussy wet.” Hand stroking became a guide as she wanted it inside.

Warm and wet was how it felt for Dwayne as he lifted his head just enough to watch his erect penis penetrating between her legs. As she began to raise and lower, her could see the glistening of her wetness on the shaft that would appear and disappear again and again.

Her hands grabbed her own huge breasts for a squeeze before resting on his rippling six-pack and using his muscled ribs for balance.

They’re too big, he thought and made a mental note to readjust them after the session. His own hands reached down to grasp her ass…his left gripped, but his right went right through her. “Fucking glitch!”

She laughed.


“Yes, sir, Sensor is here,” the computer answered with a voice that was, by no coincidence, Paul Bettany doing Tony Stark’s Jarvis.

Hilda grinned and grinded on his cock. “Such a sexy computer voice.”

“End the program. We have work to do.”

Hilda froze, a perfect three-dimensional hologram.  Sitting up, however, the six-pack ribs and body stayed while his beer-belly covered in a black t-shirt returned from the simulation.

“I have to get this right, or they’ll never pay us.”

The room went dark momentarily before the overhead light lit up the lime-green walls.

Dwayne stood up.  “Sensor, why did my hand go through her?”  His erection bulged from his jeans…at least that much was real.

“Working on it, sir.  It should be fixed now.”

“Give me a snapshot only.”

The scene returned with Hilda frozen in mid grind.

Dwayne felt her up, completely.  His hands searched her from the tip of her head to the bottom of her feet, and even gave each nipple a tweak along the way.  “Much better.  Play it out.”

“Yes, sir,” Sensor agreed.  “And action…”

“FUCK!!!” Hilda screamed and stopped mid grind.  “Where’s your head?”

Being Dwayne was still standing, surveying the scene, the holographic body beneath her was a muscle-bound headless male.

“Dammit, Sensor stop the scene.”

“Stopped, sir.”

The look of horror on Hilda’s face was one that he had not expected.

“Guess we need to rewind and try this from the beginning.”

“As you wish, sir.”

“Actually, no…let me just lay down and start from there again.”  He lay back down on the padded floor in position.  He glanced up into her terrorized eyes once more.  “Okay.”


The scene jumped back to Hilda happily lowering herself onto the holographic erection.

That erection, however, was now completely fake as Dwayne’s could not quite find a good reason to harden with the look of terror she had that he could not wipe from his mind.

Of course, it was the last time he would ever see that look…on the hologram, at least.  The real thing, however…that was yet to come.

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