Best Orgasm, Ever!

by RadioUranI watched Gray as he stroked his heavily stubbled chin with one hand, while his other he covered his naked manhood like a figleaf.  “So what are your terms?”

His eyes shot to me with a flash of playful.  “Will you give me free reign this time?”

“You’re kidding, right?” He was still naked and completely unapologetic nor shy about it.

“Then you won’t really allow my terms, will you?  Wait…”  His eyes glanced downward.  “Did you just call my cock a manhood?”

I ignored the second question.  “Okay, I’ll give you the control, but with a couple of rules.”

A grin crossed his face.  “Lay ’em on me.”

“No Harlequinizing.”

“Is that even a word?”

“No questioning my vocabulary.”

“Okay…I guess it is now.”  He chuckled.

“No abuse, nothing illegal…”

“You’ve made me a jerk, not a psycho, so no worries.”

“And most important, she has to enjoy it.”

The grin blossomed into a smile.  “That’s it?”

“Yes, sir…that’s it.”

“Deal.  Now give me back my bed.”

The four-poster bed done in black satin reappeared lit only by the light somewhere above…everything else remained black.  Music began to filter as the Holly Cole began to sooth the air.

“Nice choice of tunes…I love Holly’s work,” I offered.

Apple appeared on the bed with her red hair fanned out over the pillows.  Her pale naked skin was a blinding contrast to the sheets beneath.

“Nice,” Gray said getting moving to his knees on the bed and setting his hands on top of her corresponding knee.  “I figured you would be shaved.”  Firmly, he pushed the knees apart.

“Not too gentle,” she whispered.

With that his lips kissed her left kneecap, followed by the right.  Next were each thigh in turn before he lowered between her legs and dipped his tongue in.

Apple squealed with delight at the feel as her pussy was bathed by his tongue.

His nose went inside her, in search of the tongue, no doubt.  Soon his entire face was wet from her juices as his fingers spread her lips apart to delve in even deeper.

Laying her left hand on her belly, and her right at the back of Gray’s head, Apple began to feel the ripple of what was too come.

Pulling out and trailing his tongue along her pelvis to her belly button and then on further to between her breasts, Gray began to climb.

Her legs spread further and she giggled feeling his stubble along her.  Then she sighed feeling his teeth pinching her left nipple as she watched him caress it.  Finally, she felt his erection as he settled it on top of her pussy.

No penetration at first as his hips dragged his cock’s length along her pussy lips, which opened to allow wetness on his shaft…

…and Apple’s moans suggested the dragging was the next level.  “Holy, fuck,” she whispered as she turned to offer him her right breast.

As she wished, he did nibble, caress and bite until she squirmed beneath him, all the while his erection still solid and playing outside her.  Looking up into her eyes he halted for a moment.  “You know what?”

“I’ve been waiting for this a long time, too,” she said, beating him to it.

Then he was up, lifting her with enough force that when he set her back down flipped over on her hands and knees, she bounced on the mattress.  His left hand found her pussy and spread her lips…his right grasped a handful of red hair and tugged hard.

Her neck snapped up as she enjoyed his roughness.  “Fuck me!” she growled at him in a deeper voice than she had ever heard herself use.  A new sensation was next as she felt him tugging harder on her hair while his erection was pushing in.  A scream leapt from her lips with the pleasure she was feeling with his massive cock sliding into her.

Making sure the head was in securely, Gray then thrust…and he thrust so hard that his hips clapped against her ass…then again…and again…his face giving the impression he was barely in control with her hair the reins of a wild bronco, but he pushed to thrust harder and faster.

Her back arching further, Apple felt another stronger ripple…a fore-shock of the orgasm that would be coming as her body shook.

Soon they slowed and stopped.  Without urging, Apple returned to her back, spread her legs wide.

Gray lay on top her and kissed her mouth deeply as his cock slowly slid back in.  The rhythm here was much slower and sensual, feeling the warmth and wet with each movement.  Her arms locked around his neck at the wrists, and her legs around his waist at the ankles. They moved as one, lips never releasing as their tongues did battle inside the kiss.

Her arms and legs tensed around him, squeezing as the orgasm finally began to release within her.

Sensing her tension, Gray increased his pace again, keeping the thrusting in exactly the same way each time.

It began with her body numbing and tingling while her eyes blurred over slightly. Tingling turned into light shaking as she felt dizzy. Her skin gave off a light sweat, feeling as though her body had turned on a faucet inside.  Finally her shaking slowed as she arched her back, breathing in bursts as she froze in position.  Feeling the melt down and explosion within her, her lungs finally gave voice to a scream that was one of legend that operatic sopranos would envy.  As she crested from the top, she finally felt the pulse and warmth of Gray’s erection erupting within her as well.

Gray collapsed on top of her and, feeling the ankles and wrists release, he rolled off beside her gasping for breath on his back.  “That was…”

Rolling in to cuddle, she completed his sentence, “…fucking amazing.”  A slight squirm came feeling his cum trickling from her pussy, but she settled in.

He snuggled with her and just enjoyed the warmth together.  “Why did we not do this before?”

She playfully smacked his chest.  “You were too fucking selfish.  Do you think I would have gotten such an orgasm from you before now?”

“Bravo,” I said.  “That was something to behold, you two.”

They both looked up at me briefly.  So completely out of energy, however, a thumbs-up was all that was offered by Gray…by either of them.

“So…shall we begin anew then?”

His body tensed as Gray looked back over.  “What do you mean?”

“I could write you two into a new series.  Start an entirely new saga of Gray and the Brat.”

“I like it,” she whispered and lightly allowed her teeth to nip Gray’s shoulder, “…but…”

Gray agreed, “Yeah, but…”

“But what?”

Apple looked over.  “Moonlighting curse.”

“We would have no more sexual tension,” Gray added.

“Oh, this is true…so you’re saying…?”

“We’re done.”  Apple winked at me.

“We’re spent, dude.  Thanks for bringing us back, though.  I needed this.”

“We both did,” Apple agreed as she leaned in to kiss Gray again, sparking his flaccid cock quickly back to life as her left hand found it and began stroking.

“Ah, but I see you’re not done, either.”

Apple rose and lifted her leg over Gray, cock still in hand she guided it to her still soaking pussy.  “You can watch if you want to.”  Rubbing the cock head against the wet, lubing him up again, she lowered onto it, sheathing it inside her.

Gray’s hands reached down and cupped her ass cheeks.  “We’ll likely bore you, though,” he said through a pleasured grunt.  “We’re going to keep doing this until we find her that orgasm again.”

With a nod, she placed her hands on his ribs for balance.  “…and again…”

Taking both of her hands on his chest into his, he lifted them so she could balance with his outstretched arms.  “…and again…”

“Enjoy, guys.”  I turned away and stepped into the darkness.  “If there is a need, though…might I call on you again?”

“So long as it isn’t too soon,” Apple said and winked again.

“Peace, dude.” Gray turned his focus to Apple.  “Next time maybe a threesome.”

Apple laughed.

I turned my focus to other things.

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