Perfect Beast

Author’s note:  this is part two of Vampyre.

By 3dstageShe stood shivering at the door, a silhouette in the light from street lamps, and little more.

Fall had fallen upon the land like a lion with the first dusting of snow already down.  On the street outside, people hustled past in a rush through their own white breath to get home to little ones for their Halloween treats.

Amanda had just closed her shop and sent Janice, her young employee, out to the bank with the day’s deposit.  Now, however, with the shop heat turned down she waited for her cab.

It had been a decent day.  There was always a panic run on women’s coats during the first signs of the soon-to-be dead of winter.  Good for business, of course, but with the coats being on the racks most of the year, truly silly.  As good timing had it, the yearly price increase on coats was done the weekend prior…a weekend where none had been sold in unseasonably warm temperatures…and now, a week later, the rack was empty and would need restocking upon opening Monday.

Her brown eyes continued to watch as her left hand fingers twirled in her brunette hair.  She wore one of the coats off the rack that was long and navy blue with a belt cinching it at the waist.  Fingers of her right hand tapped on the glass that began to fog up from her breath.

Bjorn had been hungry.  He had entered the shop looking like the sharp dressed man in search of something for his wife or lover just twenty minutes before the shop had closed.  His black overcoat that allowed a hint of pin-stripe suite and black tie always made it easy to blend.  With quiet steps he was usually able to vanish just as easily…as he had tonight, having slipped into the stockroom and found chair in a dark corner to wait.

Amanda and Janice had seen him and such a dapper man caused them both to offer flirtatious smiles.  Neither saw him leave, but never thought much of it, assuming he had left during one of their back-and-forths to the stockroom where they had actually passed him a few times without noticing.

Casing the store was by accident.  A night club next door was what Bjorn had been initially watching, but he had seen Amanda and Janice…both brunette beauties.  Amanda, in particular, reminded him of his mate, Fastny.  The last time Bjorn had seen Fastny was as he left on a supply run to an unknown land.

That land…now…more than a thousand years later, was called Britain.

At the time, Bjorn was simply a rower and had no idea about what was in store for him when he got there.  He had done the trip from Sweeden to Britain on a luxury cruise ship not all that long ago, and it was truly an odd reminiscence during the trip.

His mind refocused to Amanda.  He had watched the store for a month, his fondness growing for her as even her manners began to remind him of Fastny.  On one evening, he had passed close enough to confirm no promise rings on her hands…much as he wanted to move upon her, he could not take one promised to another…make prey of, yes, but he had bigger ideas for her.

He stood and silently stepped out of the darkened stockroom.  The cab usually arrived ten to fifteen minutes after Amanda would phone them, so the window of time was more than long enough to begin his task and, more importantly, she had yet to set the security alarm.

Her silhouette stood motionless in the door, as though waiting for him.

Hunger growing, he moved forward and began to get her un-perfumed scent.  Passing the cash desk his teeth began to adjust, preparing for what he was about to do.

She shifted feet, but did nothing more.

He was behind her, scent of her hair strong in his nostrils.  Mouth opening as fangs glistened.

“What took you so long,” she asked.

His eyes widened as though they were going to fly from his sockets.

Turning around to him she looked up into his eyes.  “How long have you been on your own out here?”

“I…?  Ah…” He could not formulate an answer.  If it had gone as expected, she would now be unconscious on the floor so he could feed her his blood.

Her eyes showed a realization.  “You thought you were on your own.  The only one?”  To punctuate her point, she showed her own teeth with fangs growing slightly.


“Fastny,” she whispered just as she leaned in and her teeth pierced his neck.



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