The Fourth Orgasm

by Sanath KumarSoaked in the shower, Matty sang along with the music she had put on before starting the water. Feeling all the diamond that was now shining…all clean and wet.

Not that wet had always been clean.

Earlier, she had been very, very wet…and yet not so clean as a scream leapt from her lips. Her naked body shook. With the orgasm rocketing through her, it was difficult to keep still. This, her fourth orgasm of the evening so far, was the first that actually had Ben’s erection inside her soaking pussy.

On knees behind her using a handful of hair as reins, he pounded into her.

After the pub he had led her across the street and into his condo building. “You’re certain this is what you want?”

Her eyes looked at him past the blast of cold white breath she expelled. “Yes.”

Something in his brain pinged with an idea. “What do you want to experience?” Fingers pushed the white elevator call button.

“What do you mean?”

“Is it the big cock? Is that all you want?” His porn work had been focused on, among other things, his massive cock. One film he had been in brought a critic’s response suggesting his member was CGI-enhanced.

“I want to be your good girl.”

Silver elevator doors slid open to reveal a dark wood panelled cab.

Teeth flashed in a broad smile. Pulling her in he pushed the button for floor 33. Turning, he placed his hands firmly on her shoulders and pushed down.

Lowering to her knees, her blue eyes looked up at him, pleading.


The zipper on his fly was grasped between her fingers and pulled. It did not unzip as smoothly as either would have liked, but Matty got the job done with a devious grin on her face. Without prompting, she reached inside.

Taboo shock tickled Ben’s belly, something that rarely happened too him. Under his porn pseudonym of King Marshall, many a porn starlet had sucked him off…some stunning beauties…but to be in the elevator of his own condo and watching a stereotypical soccer-mom slipping her lips over the tip turned this into an adventure. That he was uncertain of whether or not the elevator cab had a security cam was also part of this, and would be interesting to know if the concierge did anything our simply enjoyed the show.

Before she sucked it, however, her eyes lit up upon seeing the massive cock. Even with one hand wrapped around the base of it, she still could not take it in its entirety into her mouth. There certainly was no CGI enhancement here.

After riding up 33 storeys, he pulled her back to her feet and quickly zipped back up just as the silver doors opened again. Leading Matty down the hall to room 3310, he produced a key and unlocked the door.

White hallway was all she saw as she found herself quickly pushed against one of the walls while a hand was under her skirt and between get thighs.

Surprised to find no panties beneath that skirt, Ben’s hand pushed into her already soaked pussy.

Orgasm, the first one, was fast but light for her. It left her cheeks with a slight glisten of sweat and her breath short and quick.

Lifting her into his arms, he carried her to the bedroom. Putting her back on her feet, he began undressing her taking each piece of clothing and folding it carefully on the tall black dresser.

Naked, except for the boots, her arms absently attempted to cover in her modesty. Again, she allowed him to guide as he pushed her to sit on end of the burgundy sheeted bed.

Dropping to his own knees, he lifted her left leg and his lips found the spot behind her knee as he began his trek up her thigh. Before going too far, he returned and did the repeat on her right leg. This time, however, he went much further…fingers spreading her pussy lips so his tongue could move between and find her clit and pinky finger being the first appendage to enter into her.

Porn was never quite as real love-making was…our soon Matty found out. With his tongue continuing its work in her pelvic region, she slithered slowly up the bed until she could partially sit up and watch Ben between her legs.

With no rush, he kept at her and would not allow the little squirming to make him stop. Squirm intensity increased as index, middle and pointer fingers all joined the pinky of his right hand inside her wet and warm pussy. Thumb felt left out, and followed in as well until his entire fist was inside…at first pumping lightly, but increasing pace as she loosened up.

This was a new experience and brought Matty the first of her orgasms. Very light, but orgasmic, nonetheless as her body shook through it.

In the shower, Pink Floyd still serenading her clean up, she noticed just how sensitive her pussy was still…hours after.

Orgasm number two came from Ben’s tongue after he pulled the fist from her and just licked until she came again.

A brief hydration break was followed by Ben undressing and climbing on top of her. His massive erection still did not go in, but he rubbed it along her lips and dragged a third, more powerful orgasm from her.

Finally, he flipped her to hands and knees in front and penetrated deep. Grasping her hair with one hand and her hip with the other, he pummelled her until there was another first.

Matty felt the faucet that was her orgasm open…not unusual at first…but this time it did not shut off as she squirted. She soaked Ben behind her and the bed below as the screamed ripped through her from the fourth orgasm.

All was soaked…but all was oh, so dirty…

Until now as the steamy shower washed away some of the remaining sweat…yet bringing back all the memories.

Stepping from the shower, she pulled two towels quickly…one for body, one for hair. The vibration of the cell on bathroom counter caught her attention.

A text message…from Ben…

Her smile broadened.

“I really enjoyed last night.  When can I see you again?”

“You bastard,” she whispered.  “Couldn’t even wait a day.” Fingers flew across the keys to respond. “How about tonight?



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