Three Years and Eight Days Ago Today

CN Tower from Dome
CN Tower from Dome

Seems I missed it. November 15th was my third Blogiversary…I have written a few of these “review” pieces in the last three years and they always feel like one of those 1970s or 80s TV episodes where they go back and review the show in order to cheat from having to come up with an full original script. However, in another sense, it is fun to go back and read some of my old material.

Okay, so how to begin…

Once upon a time, on November 15, 2010 in a farmhouse about 20 KM northwest of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada…

Yes, three years posting, first on the WordPress site, and now for about six months on my self-hosted site. Of course I have been writing a lot longer than that, but this site was when I first took it off the “Facebook Notes” to my own format.

Considering where I started, has been a long, strange and fun journey in that time.

Sitting here in bed with @strandedGF discussing her giggling all day long in our downtown Toronto condo as Duncan Sheik serenades us in what might be the closest to an upbeat tune he has written. We all go through evolutions, and it is quite something as I look at what it took to get me here. Lately, much of what has been seen on this site is @strandedGF’s fault…not in content, but in that she encourages me to write always. Without her pushing, the coming novel would likely still be just an idea.

The music is a funny thing. Back in the summer she was working me through a branding exercise and pointed out just how much my writing focuses on the music. I always knew it was there…as I write the tunes are usually on…but never realized how much of a signature that has become for me.

Going back a further than three years…and will also say that there have been considerations of bringing him out of retirement or even rebooting the stories altogether (keep an eye in early 2014 as the outline is already in my notebook)…but we started with Fifi, my first true serial. In fact, that old bulldog is damned near five years old now as the initial parts of that were written in the spring of 2009. Were I to reboot this series, it would be written quite differently. At the time, much of Fifi was written to tunes such as:

When I started this blog in 2010, speaking of people who I blame for this mess, I began a cyber-friendship with Molly. She read some of my drunken-Canadian meanderings and decided she saw talent…at least that is how I understand the story, but she invited me to join an erotic writer website where my confidence began to grow. That is where serials such as Gray came to be in January of 2011…a character so completely un-me that I was surprised where that came from. Of course he was brought back recently for a brief set to finally allow me to say goodbye to him properly. My favorite part of writing Gray, however, was an external piece I did where I interviewed him: The 51st Shade. The most memorable tune of 2012 for me came from an album released in 2007…and one I still use for a certain idea that may be the follow up to the novel if I can get my head around it.

In 2012 came a bit of a drought for a specific serial that I felt worked. Two came close but never quite took off in my imagination. In early 2012 Little Deaths, which rereading recently reminds me that I was writing a certain tale earlier than this year…and one that will be reworked and part of the upcoming novel. Later in 2012 we had Good Girl, perhaps the most submissive female character I have created so far. The tune for 2012 went back even further…to 2006 with a classic rock band and a good Toronto-boy on the keyboards.

Then 2013 rolled in and started an entirely new chapter…literally…as on January 6 I first met @strandedGF in the pub that is nine-floors beneath us as I type this…and she still giggles. This year has included work that I have felt has gotten stronger with Kinky Elle, the Songbirds (who are not finished, I might add), and even the brief series Sensual Nerdism. Of course I would be remiss if I did not mention the one…the only…and the upcoming novel…Savannah, perhaps my strongest overall piece yet.

Believe me…Lady Savannah is far from finished.

As for the tune…a group that will be thanked in the novel as much of Savannah has been written with their tunes as the soundtrack…

In a world where I feel so small…I can’t stop thinking big…

Stranded in 2013 - Photo ©Jackie Brown
Stranded in 2013 – Photo ©Jackie Brown

As we bomb towards 2014, I do want to share two of my favorites from the one-off stories I have done…funny, but I rarely do one-offs and yet never considered a proper novel until this year…

She Who Hesitates… perhaps the piece that took my confidence on the biggest jump when I first posted this one on the site Molly had suggested back in 2011.

Alice Over Knight is one I came very close to trying to make a serial out of…but never found the right voice for it after the initial story…but I still love how this one felt writing it.

With this, and as always, thank you for reading. It still amazes me that this nasty habit of mine seems to have found an audience. Considering how that audience seems to be growing…I am truly thankful for each of you that reads my words.

…and one more tune…one I’ve been listening to a lot lately as it just feels like a driver for ideas in my head…

Onward and sideways….yeah, okay, that’s an old joke.  Onward and upwards…let’s see where this path leads, shall we?

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