Meet Floyd Abbott

Photo by Terence S. Jones“I don’t meet many named Floyd, that’s for sure.”

He smiled. “Nope. Not a common name these days at all. My folks thought I would be unique, I guess.”

“You’ve a lovely cock, though.” Her hands ran up his thighs and around the cock she was admiring without touching it.

“Doesn’t take much to get me hard.” He picked his head up from the table and made eye contact with her gorgeous blues. She had told him her name was Sizzle, but he had his doubts. Normally he was not a fan of blonde hair, but in her case he had made an exception due to her curves…something most of the girls working here did not have.

The place was called Angie’s Angels and hidden at the back of an industrial strip mall just off Mavis and Wilson. At the time of night the surrounding warehouses were generally quiet save for the jet engines of the arriving and departing aircraft from Riggs International Airport.

Floyd had driven into the parking lot after a long hard day in need of a little relaxation. What better way could there be than a massage from a young beauty followed by her bringing him to orgasm. Some called them “rub n’ tugs”, but Floyd called them fun.

Only two other cars were in front of the frosted glass windows of the place. Most of the women would likely have cab rides home rather than chance being followed in their own vehicles. Usually there would be eight women on a shift.

By cars, Floyd estimated his choices down to six. His normal choice was a brunette named Grace who had athletic legs he could die for. Her massages were usually not worth much, but the handjob she finished with was magical with her straddling him so he could feel her pubic hair brushing against his balls as her hands stroked him off.

Today, however, it seemed that Grace was busy either with another client or not there at all.

So Floyd had choices of a skinny brunette named Skylar, a petite redhead named Flame, a skinny blonde named Beauty, and then Sizzle.

Sizzle was the most realistic woman of the options, Floyd found. When he came, it always depended more upon his mood as he might have chosen one of the smaller women…or Grace, of course, had she been available…but Sizzle’s curves just worked. He imagined the pleasures his cock would find with her softness compared to the bony hips of the others.

As he glanced past his cock into her blue eyes, he so wanted that erection inside her.¬†This was one reason he came to this particular joint, however, is that never happened here for him. It helped keep him out of temptation. When he would go home he could justify it saying he simply had received a massage…the fact the masseuse had made him orgasm was accidental.

The fact that Sizzle leaned in closer and flicked her tongue along the length of his erection, however, changed this initial plan.

Floyd’s eyes widened as he watched her first use her tongue and then open her mouth to suck him. The warmth and wet swarmed all through his body. “That feels awesome,” he whispered. “You couldn’t resist, eh?”

With the erection deep in her mouth, she grinned around it and shook her head. Nope.

It was not Floyd’s fault if the woman could not keep her mouth off of him, was it? He felt it was not…and being too much of a gentleman, he was not going to stop her. In fact, he reached down and put his hand on the back of her head to encourage her further.

Her lips were like a vacuum on him, and began to pull an idea.

A smile crossed his face as this month’s adventure of Justification Man came to him. It might just be the best piece he had written to date, and all thanks to the curvy blonde that had taken his cock from her mouth and was now climbing up the massage table to straddle him.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” she whispered. Crushing her large breasts into his chest, she kissed him deeply and just allowed his cock to slip inside her, as though it knew the target.

His mind was already drawing the comic…but slowly as the sensations of the fuck began to distract him. A slight guilty thought passed through, but was quickly passed aside.

Of course he had to let her fuck him now…this was research.

Sultry Saturday


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