Rebranding of Stranded

Time for a bit of an upgrade on the site, me thinks.

Someone…who may or may not be @strandedGF…told me that my old logo on the site was amateurish. Guess that is better than imaturish.

As you can no doubt see, I have already started playing with the theme…not certain this is how I want it yet…but considering the disasters that some of the themes caused when I attempted to use them, well…¬†Odds are that I will play with the theme further over the next week, so do not be too surprised to see it change again rather quickly.

Now, I should also mention, I actually have a proper branded logo now…in addition to the new header above…there are the two little ditties attached to this post that are going to find their way in here as well.

So, just give me a little bit of time as we might say the site is under construction for a few days. I am hoping to have this all set for a proper December 1st launch.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

C…Nov 29, 2013

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