Once Upon a Snowy Balcony

A sexy brunette with no hair. Photo by Petras GagilasSuze hated the term “catsuit”, but had not been able to find a better one. Yet, here she was wearing it once again. Thankfully, she looked good in black. Her petite skin figure was both emphasized in good ways and, more importantly, camouflaged for these activities. At least with her straight black hair and slight olive skin, she did not require to cover her head.

Snow filtered lightly down from above and the Moon danced between hiding places through the broken clouds.

Suze raised her pistol, looking straight up between the buildings. Her round brown eyes refused to blink even with the snow infiltrating them. The trigger pull sent the rope piled behind her snaking skyward with a pop. Crack shot that she was, the shot hit the correct balcony and held.

A car honked as it passed the alley mouth.

Barely hearing, Suze attached her pulley to the rope and secured her harness. One thing she hated when doing these jobs was the shoes. Sure the flat bits she wore were comfortable and quiet, but she lived the click of heels and always missed that sound as she moved around.

However, like most jobs, silence was safer.

In her right gloved hand, she held the remote and with a quick squeeze she was heading up the rope towards the hiding Moon. The pulley moved slow enough so she could keep pushing away from the balconies between her and her target.  At the sixteenth floor, as programmed, her accent stopped.

She climbed over the railing and onto the balcony. Pulling her small drill from her utility pocket at her hip and set the bit in place. Turning the hand crank she silently drilled into the glass pane of the sliding door. Once through, another trigger pull sent a tiny dart through the blinds inside.

The dart was still attached and pulled the blinds back right against the glass. The pinpoint of the dart housed a tiny camera lens.

Attaching her camera cord to the drill, she clicked on the night vision function. Modern technology was something that amazed her and she was befuddled how this camera could turn a dark room to near daylight quality. Looking at the camera’s tiny screen, Suze found exactly what she had hoped for.

The sliding door opened into the living room of the large condo. The decor was done in Santa Fe tones of orange and green. A large desert-scape painting affirmed the west wall over top a large flat screen television. In the east wall was a long leather couch.

Suze’s target was seated on that couch.

Senator Tom Richard Harrison was seated still in his shirt and tie, although his jacket was folded over the armrest to his right. He was a round man from his bald head to the belt that only expanded after his days as an offensive lineman.

Also as promised, Suze’s partner Rayne was on her knees with her head bobbing in the senator’s lap. Her black ankle-length skirt was fanned out on the floor and her silk red blouse was, as if yet, still crisp and perfect. Her black hair swayed, mostly covering her face, but allowing just enough view to see the erection penetrating her mouth.

“Good girl,” Suze whispered and began snapping pictures. “We have Tom, Dick and Harry.” She needed the joke to keep from shuddering at the thought of what Rayne. had to do.

Then again, at least this time it was only a blowjob this time.

Rayne was almost a physical opposite to Suze. The Irish girl, Rayne, stood six-foot tall with the pale skin and red curls that made her heritage much easier to guess than Suze’s¬†Filipino. Suze was often mistaken for almost every other Asian race.

Currently seeing Rayne in the black wig disguise, Suze felt she looked gorgeous. She imagined the eye contact going on in there as Rayne milked the senator.

A cold shiver brought Suze back to the moment. She now had two hundred snap shots to choose from. Most would be useless as they did not want any that had Rayne recognizable, but they really only needed one or two that would prove helpful in bringing proving the senator’s infidelity.

At least that is what she assumed the client wanted the photos for. It really was not Suze nor Rayne’s business to know what the photos would be used for. It was not unusual to find a picture of Rayne disguised with some disgraced politician or celebrity in the newspaper, but rare they knew beforehand what their work would be doing.

One more snap provided the unintended money shot, however. Later, as Suze looked at her computer screen full of the evening’s photos, she had trouble taking her eyes from the last one. This final shot was Rayne pulling back from him with cum doing from her large grin. Suze had this image in her head since initially setting it on the camera screen. The enjoyment in her partner’s face was etched on Suze’s mind as she dismantled everything and descended on the rope.

On her walk back to her car, the image stayed…until she saw the shoes in the store window. The shoes were black patent leather with a covered toe and four-inch stiletto heel. Her thought briefly drifted to how she would love to be fucked wearing those shoes. She wanted to wear them and wrap them around some lucky stud…or Rayne.

Again staring at the computer screen, the joy on Rayne’s face reminded Suze how much she lived playing with Rayne. Her mind raced back and forth as she chose photos to present to the client. Her thoughts fluttered between fucking Rayne and the black patent leather shoes.

Then a new thought occurred…the forty thousand this job would pay was going to buy a lot of shoes.

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