Suze’s Rayne

“It’s too cold for this,” he whispered.

Snow crunched beneath her stiletto heeled boots as she walked beside him. Even with the high heels, she was still looking far up to see his face. “I know, Brett, but it is the only time we can do this.”

The festive lights in a store window flashed and the sign inside reminded if the massive Boxing Day deals to be had starting at six tomorrow morning….roughly twenty-seven hours from now.

Her grin was more a grimace against the cold. “In this city it is the only time we could do this. All the midnight mass people have gone home and all is quiet.”

“Nothing is stirring, not even the city rats.”

She cringed and looked around for the mythical rats. “Now you’re just trying to scare me…bastard.”

“Missy, where are we doing this?”

“Bus shelter.” Her finger flew forward to where the choice destination was. The blonde hair she wore as a wig blew out behind her like a flag.

“Light is going to be awkward.”

“Light is going to be awesome. You will make me look great.”

“Damn right I will.” Brett shifted the shoulder bag so he could open it as they walk. Popping out his camera, he checked the battery situation.

She tugged at her fur collar for warmth. The coat was a thick cream wool and down to her knees…with her height, it was a long coat. “At least it looks dry in there.” She entered the dark bus shelter and glanced upward, first confirming no security cams…seemed unlikely, but always good to check.

Camera flash popped twice as Brett did some quick light checks.

She turned.  “Ready?”

“Ready,” he said with a nod.

She slipped the coat off and lay it on the tiny metal bench. Her naked flesh beneath immediately went to goosebumps in the cold as she stretched out in her attempts at sexy poses…usually pretty awkward, really. Flipping her blonde hair as she moved in slow, almost dance steps for the camera.

Snapping pic after pic, Brett hurried and hoped that with fifty-five shots in five minutes, they would have some worthwhile for the site. “Think we’re good.”

Sitting on her coat, she could still feel the cold metal beneath on her naked ass.  “Good. Come here.”

He did as instructed.

Suze, from a shadowed alley mouth would have impressed Brett as she snapped almost three hundred shots capturing the blowjob and subsequent fucking that followed with Rayne standing, bent over abd supporting herself with both hands on the bench.

Proof of the holiday came in that not a single car passed during the copulation.

“Fuck you look hot as a blonde,” Suze whispered, snapping more pictures. A vision from the previous night flipped through her head.

Rayne had been undisguised with her natural red curls dangling as Suze had taken her with the big black dildo she had harassed around her waist. The site of Rayne’s perfect ass was almost t surreal with the tiny tattoo of the green circle with open mouth, tongue having out and arms waving that was on the left cheek.

Many women had “tasteful” tattoos on their buttocks…a heart or kissing lips…but this was the only physical proof of Rayne’s love of Hitchhiker’s. At least it was not the proverbial tramp stamp.

One car passed on a side road, bringing Suze back to the moment. It was far enough down that there was no concern of Rayne being caught.

Rayne stood with a sigh. “Fanfuckingtastic. I figured you were just as good with your cock as you were your arm,” she lied.

Brett grinned as he zipped back up his pants.

She felt a tinge of regret knowing that he was a nice guy and that this evening was likely going to ruin his life.

His career as the starting quarterback in town was likely fine…but his marriage would likely be over, never mind his reputationwith the local church community that had a serious love-in with him, a true right-wing Christian conservative as the face of the city’s pro football team. Like Rayne, however, most of what people saw was a facade put on by his and the team’s public relations in conjecture with his wife.

Unbeknownst to Rayne and Suze, their client was actually after the wife. That would all come out later, though…..

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