Stripped, Flogged and Spanked

Spanking by  Mikey Wally“Just don’t pull it out,” she whispered in half moan as she enjoyed his hand pulling at her locks.

“I would never.” His voice was deep and firm. “Mandy? You brought spare clothing as instructed?”

Grant, her husband, sat on the couch watching. He was no dom, but he understood some of what this did for her. He did, however, truly enjoy watching. He gave a slight nod.

She grinned. “Yes, sir.” Having an idea of what was coming, she stood straight with her breasts pushed out front underneath her black button down blouse.

Harris gave her hair another light tug. Laying the flogger over her shoulder, he circled to the front of her. His fingers slipped inside her blouse through one of the openings between buttons. “Good girl.” He pulled hard enough, all eight buttons popped.

Grant laughed as, it seemed, he had not expected that.

Lifting the flogger, Harris pushed the blouse back off her shoulders. Circling behind again, he knotted up the blouse to use as a restraint around her wrists.

It was time to wait once again.

The flogger was trailed lightly along the bare flesh of her shoulders and neck before it slipped down her back. From in front of her, again with one strong tug, Harris ripped her bra off, leaving the cups dangling either side of her naked breasts. The flogger was then led over each breast and between them.

Mandy tried to hide her smile, but failed miserably.

Slipping the flogger handle under his arm, he laid one hand on her hip and pushed her forward to bend over until her face was on Grant’s shoulder. One more rip followed as Harris tore her skirt open.

As instructed, she wore nothing but stockings beneath.

He nodded at Grant.

Grant’s part was quite simple. He unzipped and pulled out his already hard penis.

“On your knees.” He helped her down, keeping her bent over.

Her face was now in Grant’s lap, and without instruction, she wrapped her lips around his erection.

The first flogger strike brought a jump from her and a flash of red across her ass where it trailed. Harris followed the strike with his hand, rubbing for comfort. “Good girl.” He struck again, leaving a brighter red path again followed by a gentle hand. The third strike, however, was a spank from his bare hand.

A moan escaped her mouth as she felt another spank for the fourth strike. By the tenth strike, her first orgasm screamed through her.

“Good?” Harris asked Grant.

Grant, with eyes closed, simply nodded.

Dropping the flogger, Harris knelt behind Mandy and unzipped himself. His own erection jumped out of his pants and pointed forward. Gripping it with his right hand, he aimed and slipped it between Mandy’s legs.

All three voiced their enjoyment in a collection of moans and gasps until Mandy’s mouth was filled by cum.

With a smile she looked up at her husband and moved up for a kiss. Just as her lips met his she felt Harris’ cock erupt inside her. This was followed by one final spank that left a red print on her hand that would be there for a few days.

Harris collapsed onto the floor, sitting beside Grant’s legs. “Well done.”

Mandy laughed from the thought of both men gazing at her currently. She knew this was only the beginning of the night and that she would be filled with their cum a number of times. They would use her until she would be collapsed like the pile of torn clothing beneath her.

Good thing she brought a spare set.


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