When Floggers Attack

She climbed onto the kneeler and leaned forward on the pommel horse.

“You sure you want this through jeans?”

She looked back at him and winked. “I want you to be gentle.”


“…for now.”

Twenty minutes later….Valerie Teal and Black Lace by Snapfoto

“How are you doing?” Duke asked, flogger in hand prepared for the next blow.

Haven turned and looked over her shoulder to grin at him through her dirty-blonde bangs. “Think I need to l lose the jeans.” Lifting herself off the pommel horse, she stood for a moment. “Feet get cold on this hardwood.”

“Most people wear these mystical devices called socks in winter.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Not like I planned to be coming here, now, is it? Do you have any socks?”

With a shrug Duke walked out to the other bedroom and returned with a pair of white socks.

Haven was gone when he returned.

He waited to hear the click of the front door but instead was surprised to see her return with glass of water in hand. “Fuck, you’re quiet.”

She giggled and sipped. “I was thirsty.”

“I didn’t even hear the water running. Sneaky brat.” He dropped the socks on top of the horse.

She lifted her sweater to unbuckled her jeans before slipping them off her well muscled legs. These were the same legs that Duke had often admired beneath her kilt at the pub. Down to a black thong, she sat on the kneeler to pull on the white tube socks. “Ready.”

He watched Haven stand. “Take off the sweater.”

“No, I should keep it…”

“Take off the fucking sweater,” his voice tone went deeper with the words but did not raise volume.

A moment of silence followed from the petite blonde before she replied with a coy grin, “Yes, sir.”

Looking at the socks he laughed. “This feels like 80s Olivia Newton-John style porn. They look like leg-warmers on you.”

“Porn?” Her face blushed.

His voice returned to his command tone, “Kneel.”

She lowered to the kneeler and bent over the horse again.

THWACK!, the flogger snapped against her ass.

Haven screamed with her eyes wide. Her voice sighed, however, feeling Duke’s hand caressing her ass cheeks following the strike.

THWACK! the flogger spoke again.

Haven screamed again.

Duke stepped forward and, from the smile on her face, he knew to continue. His left hand grabbed a handful of hair and yanked as his right setting the flogger again.


He released her hair.

With a beet-red ass and a big smile, Haven beckoned for more. The smile turned to a look of surprise, however, when she felt the thong being moved aside. Objection thoughts vanished as she felt the tips of his fingers slip inside her already soaked pussy.



After the eighth strike his fingers slid out.

Leaning on the horse to stay balanced, her breath caught upon hearing the distinct sound of a zipper being lowered behind her. Again, she considered objecting, but that evaporated with the warm nuzzling of the cock head that eased between her legs.

An hour later…

“Yeah, I’ll be staying with Megan again,” Haven said into the cell phone. “Yeah…and don’t forget to feed Elvis, though not sure walking him is an option in this snow…okay, Pat…talk to you tomorrow…I promise.” Her right thumb ended the call. Her left hand balanced herself on Duke’s abs.

“You are a bad girl,” he whispered. His hands grabbed her hips and he thrust up into her from the mat underneath him.

She offered no answer as her head rolled back with a sigh. “You said something about 80s porn earlier.”

“Yes, I did,” he said in near barks matching his thrusts.

“Where’s your camera?”

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