We’re Coming to Eroticon 2014…and We’re Bringing Snow

EroticonSeems time to write this for the upcoming Eroticon 2014 in Bristol. The conference is March 8-9, but we will be in Bristol March 5-10 as part of something we have heard described as a vacation. Regardless, for vanilla reasons, this trip will be a wonderful long glass of water after walking through a big ole’ desert.

Stranded in 2013 - Photo ©Jackie Brown www.videocake.tv
Stranded in 2013 – Photo ©Jackie Brown www.videocake.tv

It is funny as I recall very specifically a March weekend in 2013 when Laura and I mused about going to Bristol for this year’s conference. We were watching all the live-Tweeting coming out of Bristol during the 2013 conference as we ate our breakfast. Of course, this was all before knowing about Eroticon USA that we were happily able to attend back in October.

Regardless, this is our introduction for Bristol, as many of the attendees already have done on the Write Sex Right Introductions page…

Wonder Woman by amorimxx
Not Laura…but a close fascimile.

What’s your name?

What are you most looking forward to about Eroticon 2014?

  • Stranded  –  Seeing a few friends that we first met in Atlanta…and meeting many more online friends face-to-face for the first time. Sharing discussions of experience in this lifestyle of adult erotic writing and blogging…due to vanilla masques at home, this part is a wonderful thing. Also, if I’m really lucky, looking forward to pulling Marie’s hair.
  • Laura –  The immediate feeling of community. At Atlanta, I felt so welcomed without any judgement, that I’m looking forward to building more of those connections.

What are you most nervous of about Eroticon 2014?

  • Stranded  –  For starters, Molly’s driving…more seriously, it will be my first time in the UK, and I have heard horror stories about Heathrow. About the conference, itself, no real nerves at all other than potentially being the only man in the room without an accent (I’ll just let that one sink in). Just going to enjoy where this wave takes us.
  • Laura  –  I’ve been to London before, so I can drag the nervous-nilly Stranded around the airport. Not nervous as it will be a wonderful break from our vanilla lives.

What do you hope to get from Eroticon 2014?

  • Stranded  –  First, finding inspiration…not so much for story ideas, as I’ve plenty of those, but to help me push to get the work done. I’m nothing if not an expert procrastinator…when I get around to it. Second, sleep…we will be kid-free for two solid weeks during this time, and it will be glorious. That, plus distraction from my upcoming vasectomy that will happen one or two days after we get back home.
  • Laura  –  Memories…good memories…I’m not the writer in this scenario, but this is the community I feel so at home in.Whats your bad erotica writers name

What is your bad erotica writer’s pen name?

  • Stranded  –  I was hoping for Commander Adama, but apparently that is not an option. Humpy Xmania seems to fit. Call me whatever (just not late for dinner *groan*).
  • Laura  –  Binky Orificeicle…but I’m not a writer!!!

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  1. mmm pulling my hair… now I think that might just be possible 😉

    I am so looking forward to meeting you both!

    Rebel xox

    PS: I kid you not, we watched Battlestar Gallactica (2004) about two weeks ago and are watching the original from 1978 right now!!!

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