Sucking and Spanking

Lucy Jade by Edwin LeeAmy had first caught her eyes from across the bar. Well, that was the story Amy was going with.┬áTruth is, as Amy’s open palm first made a good solid contact with Mandy’s ass, it really did not matter how they met.

Certainly the eight men surrounding and observing the two brunettes did not care how they had met.

The smack of the spank reverberated off the cement walls.

Mandy cooed.

The men awed.

The evening had started at the pub where the two brunettes had shared a knowing glance across the bar as each was being hit upon.

Two hours later, the two hittees were among eight men in a warehouse across the street from the pub. None was entirely sure how they got here watching one brunette, naked except her black thigh boots, spanking the other completely naked brunette. What had started as a vanilla night at the bar had turned into a night seven of the eight would have to keep secret from their respective girlfriends or wives.

All Amy really knew was that Mandy was hot. That plus the women had accepted a bet from the men as to how many spanks Amy could inflict upon Mandy.


That was two.

The over-under was five.


Only three more and each woman would get four hundred dollars.


It had struck Amy as odd that all eight guys were carrying one hundred, plus, in cash. She had no intention, however, of looking any gift horse in the mouth. Part of the bet included the rider that both women had to be naked and neither seemed to have any issues with that.

Amy’s left hand lightly stroked Mandy’s ass and slipped between the cheeks.

Mandy cooed again.

If the women lost the bet, however, there was to be a good fucking.

A gangbang.

Oddly enough, of the eight only the single gentleman was hoping to watch a good spanking.

Odder yet, after that first knowing glance, both Amy and Mandy were playing to lose.


One more…

“I love this pussy,” Amy said, stroking between Mandy’s legs.

“One more spank and we win,” Mandy turned and reminded over her shoulder.

Amy crouched and began to lick.

“Oh fuck,” Mandy groaned. “I need a good lay anyway.”

The circle closed in.

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