Azores and Revelations of Evil

Azores by Luca NebuloniKoke rode Alrik.

She crouched, raising and lowering her hips. Her lips accepted his erection and drenched it in her juices as she stroked it within her. Hands on his chest for balance, she kept a rhythm to the beat of the crashing waves. Her ample dark breasts bounced in the moonlight, as though gravity were afraid to hold her.

His blue eyes looked to see his erection appear, and disappear, between her legs. The frigid water of a dying wave touched his shoulder.

The Full Moon laid among the stars and kept watch, bright and true. A dog howled in the darkness.

Stronger waves crashed bringing water to touch Alrik’s neck.

Koke’s rhythm increased and strengthened. Her hands drifted up to Alrik’s throat. She squeezed.

Water touched his legs from another stronger wave. Alrik struggled against Koke’s grip on his throat.

She grinned down at him, squeezing harder as she continued to fuck.

Water rose over his face with the next wave, then pulled back its cover from him. Alrik’s strength returned.

A cloud covered the Moon.

Alrik struck Koke’s face, sending her sprawling.

She squealed from the rocks digging into her back.

He jumped on top of her and slammed his erection back inside. Leaning forward, he kissed her neck and bit, ripping the flesh from her throat and pulling back to see her blood spraying across the rocks. Leaning forward again, he drank from her wound and bit more.

Koke’s eyes showed her coming death. She screamed…”Land, sir! We’ve found it!”

Alrik snapped awake. The familiar sway of the boat and creak of wood calmed him.

The voice was Gust, standing at the Dragr’s port and looking out.

Eyes adjusting to the moonlight, Alrik rose and went to Gust. “What do you see.”

“We found the islands, just as you said, sir.”

Shaking from the memories of his dream, Alrik placed a hand upon the side to keep himself upright. “Good, we need a rest.” He turned to the crew. “WE MAKE FOR LAND!”

The rowers cheered. The sleeping men roused with grumbles, but the realization of land wiped away their disappointment at being woken.

Koke stepped up behind Alrik. “How long will we stay?”

“A day, perhaps two. We need the rest and to resupply.”

She slipped her arms around him and rested her head against his back.

“The beaches here are rocky, we must not bottom.”

“Aye, sir,” Gust agreed.

The Draugr sailed in to a walking depth.

Alrik carried Koke to the beach before setting her down and returning to the water to help carry in supplies.

Gust slipped over the side as Alrik returned.

Smiling at his next in command, Alrik ordered, “Tonight you must make with Koke.”

The pleased look on Gust’s face vanished.  “But sir, I don’t…”

“It is settled. I want to see you take her, Gust.”

A breath out brought his shoulders to slump as Gust resigned to it.

The twenty-two remaining crew, still nervous after the two lost crew-members when they stopped in Crete, stayed close together. All watched as Koke was taken by Gust in dawn’s first light.

Or…as was more the case…Gust was taken by Koke.

Koke grabbed a handful of Gust’s blonde hair and tugged.

The giant Viking screamed, but did not resist her. He remained on hands and knees in front of her.

The fingers of her right hand slipped inside of him as she mocked fucking him. Her face turned to Alrik, and offered a mischievous smile.

“Don’t hurt me,” Gust whimpered

“You miserable wimp…FUCK ME!” Koke flipped his massive body and slammed him down on the beach.

Gust cried out at the pain of the stones digging in beneath him. His cock was a good size, but it did not want to rise.

The thought of having a submissive male slave had often crossed her mind. This was the first time she had experience enjoying the complete upper hand in such a situation. “FUCK ME!” She mounted and began stuffing his flaccid member into her pussy.

Alrik and the crew roared with laughter.

“I am fucking you,” was the only thing Gust could offer.

“Like you mean it!”

Alrik laughed again. “Koke, my love. You should tie him.”

Two of the crew ran to their belongings for rope without waiting for the command.

Soon Koke had Gust’s hands bound and his body laid upon the ground while she straddled his bearded face. “LICK!”

The crew and Alrik enjoyed the show.

As reward for giving her the first orgasm of the day, Koke went gentler on the large Viking and fucked until his cum dripped from her legs. Next, she crawled on hands and knees to Alrik where the power roles changed.

The crew, in a mix of pity and envy, untied Gust.

Alrik threw Koke’s body around to service his every whim from fucking her pussy to fucking her face. Alrik finished with a spray of white across her bosom that Koke sat rubbing into her skin.

Later, Koke once again cuddled into Alrik. “How long to London?”

The sun had retired for the day. Moonlight and campfire light danced together across the beach.

“If winds favor us, two days.”

“That’s not long.”

“No, and we should be home in four.”

“Then I get to meet Kadlin. Should I fuck her the first time I meet her?”

“Fuck her?” Alrik tensed beneath the covers with her. He had not considered the fact he was bringing two women together for actual carnal pleasures until now. “I don’t know.”

Koke giggled, sensing the awkwardness she had created for him. “We will figure it out, my love.”

Without further words, Alrik began to snore…

“SIR! WAKE!” The voice was Soti, the smallest man in the crew.

Koke’s eyes snapped open as she heard the voice and felt Alrik in motion. Without leaving the blanket, she turned as his naked body moved to find his sword.

“Soti, what is it?”

Moonlight and campfire offered the only light.

“It is Gust, sir.” Soti pointed to another sleeping area.

Alrik walked around the fire, following Soti.

Koke rose, pulling the blanket around her, and followed. The scream that leapt from her throat could not be halted. She had seen this before…on Crete.

Gust had this throat torn out and a pool of dried blood beneath him. His open eyes showed his terror in death.

Alrik grabbed Koke and hugged her into his chest. Memories of his dream raced back to him as he touched his hand to his mouth.

Koke cried and pulled away from the grip of Alrik to run back to the beach. The crying face turned quickly to a smile, but she continued to whimper for effect. Gust’s blood had tasted too good and it was difficult to keep the smile from her face. Her fangs briefly grew before she regained control and set them back into hiding.

Now she had but three wishes. Get to London safely…not run out of crew before she got there…and not get caught.

She hungered for more.



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