There Be Celts Here!

Author’s note: This is part six of Whore’s Voyage, marking the midway point of the thirteen part series.

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum by Ken Lund“I’m just lucky to be here,” Koke said with a smile and allowed her tongue to lash out, sliding up the length of the Viking’s erection.

Alrik, though erect, did not stir. Since crossing first to England he had felt ill and exhausted. He continued onward without complaining as he wanted neither of his charges knowing he was failing. The fact that both Dennis and Koke were feeding off him some nights as he slept without him realizing was the main reason for his weakness. Were he to find out both were vampires might have been shock enough to kill him. He had strengthened as the approached the west coast and crossed again as Alrik searched for Dyflin.

“We’re both lucky he is such a powerful specimen for a human,” Dennis agreed as his own erection buried into Koke from behind her.

The firelight sent shadows running throughout the clearing. Tonight, rather than feeding their bellies with blood, the vampires had decided to feed their lust.

“At least,” Dennis said between thrusting grunts, “once we get to Dyflin we can let dear Alrik heal.”

“Yes, will be good to have other options.” Koke slipped her lips over Alrik’s cock and sucked. Her eyes watched his face to make certain he did not wake. Subjects of conversation would need to be adjusted quickly, were that to happen.

“We should finish him off. Not like we need him going further.”

Koke held the erection in her hand and stared at it. “No, not yet. I think we still do.”

“My child, normally I would order you to follow my directions, but you have become wise. I will bow to your suggestion for now.”

Her lips formed a relieved smile. She had been concerned that Dennis who, young as he looked, was the vampire that had turned her some five centuries prior. It had been in a field not far from this one. She had been brought here as a slave, given to a young man as a birthday gift. That night, as Dennis first bit into her neck, she did not know the language he spoke. After his blood was fed to her, however, there was plenty of time to learn.

For almost four hundred years he had taken her everywhere with him. He taught her many languages and treated her like a pet. His teachings, however, were what had finally caused her to run away a century earlier. From their discussions on him first finding her again, however, he seemed to assume their separation was accidental.

“I found you in Constantinople, but could not show myself until you had left. Constantinople has turned into an unwelcoming place,” Dennis had told her.

She gasped with his lasted thrust. Simply holding Alrik’s erect cock, her mind found a question that she had never felt comfortable asking before. Turning her head back over her shoulder she asked, “Why did you turn me?”

Dennis’ thrusts slowed. “You were a savage that knew no language nor custom. I needed a companion and had found none I could trust.” His hips withdrew his cock back to the tip. “You were perfect. Someone who had no connections. No one to talk with that would understand you. You were one I could teach the way of things. You were the perfect pet.”

Her eyes widened at the last word. Part of why she had run away from him was the realization that she was nothing more than a pet in his mind. She had always known. “What am I now?”

Dennis laughed, and answered with a slam of hips pushing his entire length into her. “You have so much to learn. Now, you are a student.”

“What do I have yet to learn? I know that the humans will fear and destroy us were our nature discovered.”

“Our nature is only half revealed to that beautiful mind of yours, Koke. Your body begins to quake, and I want you to release your mind to me so I can show you something.”

Her climax was approaching, and she did trust him enough to allow this. The crest of pleasure carried her, and her mind was whisked away…

Koke sat in a room with three red walls and one completely see-through. In front of her, a box showed moving pictures of a machine traveling among the stars. 

A book was handed to her by an unseen person. Turning it in her hands, she read the cover, ‘Interview With a Vampire’. Koke laughed and spoke, “I’ve never been to New Orleans…”

…she came back with a near bark of pleasured scream from Dennis behind her and the warmth of his semen spilling inside. “What was that?” she hissed her question between breaths attempting to catch her breath.

Dennis slumped back to the ground and sat on the damp grass. He smiled, laughed, and put his hands down to either side for balance. “That was your future.”

“My future?”

He nodded. “One option of it, at least.”

“Who else was there?”

“Of that I am not certain. My skill in future sight is not as clean as yours will be. You will be much more powerful at it than I, my child.”

Interview With a Vampire, what is this? And what is New Orleans?”

“A fictional story written about us. We are what they call vampires and that is a story that will be written in about nine hundred years.”

Her eyes searched his face for further convincing.

He was not joking. “New Orleans is a far away city that has yet to be found.”

Koke lowered into a kneeling position, releasing Alrik’s cock. “I can see the future.”

“Yes, and just imagine how that can help us.” He stood up. “I must relieve myself. I shall be back.” Naked, he walked out of the clearing into the trees. Being he had just fucked Koke, he found it funny he could not urinate in front of her. Then again, being the next evolution of humans, we wished he did not have to urinate at all as defecating disgusted him.

The breeze blew, pulling clouds out from blocking the moonlight.

That is when they found him. Naked and peeing he was outnumbered, surprised, and quickly bound. Dragging him along, they approached the clearing, but stayed out of the firelight. They observed the two, but never moved.

Koke looked into the fire as her mind began to accept why Dennis had kept her. Understanding why he kept her around crept through her head. She may have been his pet in the beginning, but he saw more in her than she was aware of.

“We are being watched.”

Koke jumped hearing Alrik’s voice.

“Where is Dennis of Kent?”

“He went there,” Koke pointed into the trees.

“Celts,” Alrik whispered. Standing, he drew his sword.



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