A Writer Writes (A Geek Intro of Glob)

Author’s note: This is the first of four “prequels” to my new series, Geek Mythology that, as of May, will be my ongoing Wicked Wednesday series. These prequels are the introduction of the Geeks…the heroes of Geek Mythology. So, without further adieu, I’d like y’all to meet Glob. Yes…that’s his given name…

beer can by anArt“There is a reason that erotica writers write in books rather than read it out loud,” Glob said. The tab on his beer can was almost to small for his sausage fingers to pull open. Sweat stained the underarm if his t-shirt as he lifted the can to his dry lips.

“What’s that?” Victoria asked. Her negligee would have been see-through had it been a color other than peach. She dragged the white bristles of the wide-headed brush through her luscious red curls.

Glob belched. “The voice in my head makes it sound so much sexier.”

“Did someone ask you to read one of your stories again?”

Beer sloshed down the front of his t-shirt and dripped over the uncovered bare belly towards the crotch of his black undersized briefs. He picked up a letter from the bedside table. “Yeah, this time The Ladies’ Reading Group of Redmond Library have sent a letter asking Felicity Steele to appear and read.”

“I imagine Glob Gannon just won’t cut it?” She smiled at the mirror to check her teeth.

“Would you?” Thick glasses were pushed back up with his paw, leaving orange fingerprints on the lenses from the bag of cheese puffs beside him on the bed.

“When is it?” Taking the stopper from her perfume bottle, she applied a drop to each side of her throat.

“Thursday evening.” Reaching for it, he knocked the beer can off the bed, spoiling the remainder on the scared wooden floor below. “Shit!”

Glancing at the date book on the desk beside her, Victoria nodded. “I’m free.” One last blink of the eyes and she rose from the desk. “Glob, what are you going to do once the next book is out?”

“Have to put you on retainer, I imagine. That’s up to Janice.”

“Right, and if I don’t want to?”

Glob whimpered. “Don’t fucking leave me. You know no one would smut knowing I wrote this shyte.”

“I’m an actress, Glob, not a nanny.”

Tears rolled down his round cheeks. “Please don’t leave me.”

Victoria sighed. “I have to go, Glob. Send me the details for Thursday.”

The screen on the laptop went blue as she logged out.

“Bitch,” Glob whispered as he turned to grasp another beer can from the within the plastic of the twenty-four box he kept in the beside table. Pulling the tab, he drained the can in one pour. His blue eyes widened with the realization he would need to move to get the laptop. Another tear slipped from his left eye.

Outside the siren of a passing police car filled the room.

He struggled to move and pulled the warm laptop into his lap. “Okay, now where was I? Oh, well, music first.” He hit the play button on his iTunes and was greeted with the voice of Sarah McLachlan. Minimizing the screen, his eyes feasted on his current wallpaper of The Hangover II with the tiny monkey on Bradley Cooper’s back pulling hair. Glob’s eyes studied it with the musical background. “New scene it is.” His fingers began to fly across the keys.

“Mine,” Sheila whispered. A twinkle of light caught her brown eyes as she slipped lips over the erection. Her brunette curls slipped off her shoulders from the tilt of her head.

Bart held her eyes with his own blues. He reached around her head to grab a fistful of hair. “Good girl, you are a beautiful cocksucker.”

Her lips grinned around his thickness and she continued to bob her head. Fingers wrapped around the base of the shaft and pumped in time with her mouth.

“I’m gonna fill that mouth with so much cum that.”

Sheila giggled.

“Just like I did your sister’s.”

Taking him from her mouth, she responded, “But I was hoping for a fuck.”

“Multiple shots on goal, baby. I always do multiples.”

Her eyes looked away. “That’s hockey, right?”

Bart sighed. “Or soccer, or lacrosse. Why is that mouth not full of my cock?”

“Oh, sorry.” She giggled again and sucked him back in.

“Of course I’m going to fuck you. You on your hands and knees. Me, behind you, with a handful of this beautiful hair. That erection, which you hold now in your mouth, will pummel your pussy until you’re nothing more than a goo on the floor.”

She pulled his cock from her mouth again. “I want that. I want to be goo.” Her hand pumped faster and her mouth took him again.

Bart tensed as his load, the first of what would be many that evening, filled her mouth. “And don’t you be spitting any out.”

All the semen was swallowed even before his softening cock was released. “Yes, sir.”

“Lay yourself down. While the little head recharges, my turn to eat.”

Sheila grinned.

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