The Gods of Sexton City

Author’s note: This is part 4 of Sexton City. Almost all the players are now in place so that the story arc can begin, but this and one further vignette are left before we get to that point.

Reginald George stood at the pulpit as the rumble of the faster-than-light engines ceased. This was a long way from Reggie’s dingy apartment in Sexton City’s Green Marsh section. His white robe hung to his knees where black pants and shoes took over. The only color he offered was a green scarf wrapped once around his neck. “Brothers and sisters, I suspect you know where we are. Before we set out eyes upon it, let us pray…”

The group of two hundred students stood in black robes, each with their own clan scarves around their necks. One day, like Reginald George, they would all be Leaders of the Cloth. The group began their ritual prayer:

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Earth-That-Was could no longer sustain our numbers, for we were so many. Muad’dib did not fear, for fear was the mind-killer. With his friend, Logan, they found that life here began out there. Then they took humanity by the hand and led us to the final frontier.

Reggie smiled at his captive audience. “I invite you to open your texts to the Book of Luke, chapter four.” He waited for rustling of pages to stop before continuing. “We’ve ask read it, so let us discuss.” Reggie always liked the pulpit as it meant a discussion was really a lecture without question. “We all know how Luke looked across the desert at the sun before beginning his journey to redeem his father.”

The group mumbled its agreement.

“Allow me to show you where that journey began.” Reggie hit a button on the pulpit and the metal shade began to open.

Gasps of awe followed as the floor below turned to the pressurized glass that would protect them from radiation but allow them to look out. Looking down, they all gazed at Earth-That-Was.

The planet below was brown with obvious cracks and crevices from this distance. Small pockets of blue remained where the little water that had not been taken remained.Earth from Space by gnews pics

The first gasps were what always made this trip for Reggie. That plus what he knew would come next. “I need two volunteers for the ritual!” It was not easy keeping the grin off his face.

A hand from each of the two hundred went up. Cheers of, “Me! Me!” rang out.

“You,” Reggie said pointing at a petite woman with red curls framing her pale face. “And you.” His hand pointed at a hulk of a man with short brown hair and well tanned skin.

Both stepped forward as the crowd silenced.

“Knees.” A nod at the two kneeler pillows beside the altar told them to move. “Names?”

“Lori,” the redhead offered and knelt with her back to the crowd.

“Blake,” said the brute as he knelt down facing her.

“Join hands, my children.”

Blake and Lori intertwined the fingers of both hands between them.


Immediately the couple began kissing with light pecks that grew into an exchange and dancing of tongues.

Opening his robe revealed that Reggie’s pants were more chaps that left his already erect penis free. He moved to the couple and pushed his erection into the midst of their make-out season.

Both eagerly separated their kiss and planted their lips on either side of his erection. Running tongues along each side quickly before taking turns to take in Reggie’s length and suck. Sensing the coming climax, both backed mouths off and Blake continued stroking with his hand while Lori caressed the testicles.

The orgasm Reggie produced shot two feet from his penis in the first convulsion. Shorter spurts followed with each subsequent one. “Please stand and prepare on the altar.”Wicked Wednesday

Lori and Blake stood. Blake helped her up onto the pillow-topped altar where she laid back. Blake lifted her robe first to position himself between her legs, then lifting his own he had his erection aimed and ready.

Another 200 in white robes, the senior ministers, entered from the back of the room.

Reggie turned to face the crowd with his flaccid cock still twitching. “Let us begin.”

All robes were cast off and thrown against the wall and the traditional orgy over Earth began. Not an event that average citizens ever heard about.

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