Major Tom

Purple Planet by stephanie casarezEverett throttled back and his blues eyes searched the black in front for clues. “There’s not a damned thing out here,” he whispered into his headset.

The stars that had been streaking past only a moment ago were now stationary in their distant nests. Directly in front was the red rock of Sexton City’s twelfth moon. Truly, the little squirt was more an oversized asteroid than planetary body, but most just called it a moon as it hung out there. It was named Major Tom, after a four hundred year old folk song that Sexton City’s founder was particularly fond of.

“Have dropped out of light, but no communications.”

The headset squawked back at him, “That’s not a good sign. It’s bad enough they can jam our sensors from this far, but…” The voice was his partner, Cherry.

“But then how are we still talking on com?” Everett finished. He always felt shocked that the best pilot in the squadron, his partner, had the number one stripper name in Sexton City as given by her parents.

“Yeah. Regardless, watch yourself. They could be listening.”

The starfighter was silver with a blue tinge in the yellow silver light. The nose was ten foot out in front with an engine nacelles out on each wing. A laser cannon dangled below the body of the fighter like a limp penis. It always looked awkward, but with no concerns on wind resistance in space, it did its job well.

“You’re just fucking paranoid,” he said with a snort laugh.

“Maybe, but with the noises you made last night, can you blame a girl?”

He smirked. With Cherry’s pierced tongue working him, how could a guy not be noisy. The memory of the two sitting together on his bed watching an old vid and laughing.

Cherry’s hand slapped his thigh as a belly laugh consumed her. Leaving the hand there she finally calmed and sat back against the wall.

The video continued to make them giggle.

Her hand drifted to the inside of his thigh and, through the fabric, brushed the tip of his penis.

“You sure you want to be doing that?”

She grinned at him and returned her eyes to the screen. “Why haven’t  we slept together yet?”

“We are partners, for one, and partners don’t…”

Her hand squeezed his hardening cock.

“But I’m good if we do,” his voice responded with a whisper.

“Good.” Turning to him, eyes still on the vid, her hands pulled at the drawstring of his pants and began pulling the button-fly open. “It’s not like they give us much chance to get laid on leave.”

“True enough,” Everett lost sight of the vid and ran and hand through her hair.

“Don’t get too sentimental, flyboy. This is just going to be sex.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Freeing his rock-hard cock from his pants, she gasped. “Shit, I didn’t think you were this big.”


“Hell no.” Leaning forward, her lips found the tip. Her tongue slipped out and she licked his length.

“Never had a pierced tongue on me before,” he whispered.

She stopped with a laugh. “With this cock, Everett, trust me that this won’t be the only time.” Her tongue lapped at his balls.

He groaned.

The video ended without an audience.

Rolling onto her knees between his legs, she pulled off her white t-shirt.

“See, I knew you didn’t wear a bra.”

“Only if I have to.”

“What about under those shorts? Commando?”

She leaned forward again until she was eye-to-cock. “You’ll find out soon enough.” Her lips sucked him in. The pumping of her mouth only ended with his first orgasm spilling into her throat.

“Fuck, you swallow too. We’re going to be doing this often.”

“I know,” she whispered pulling back and rolling onto her back. “People will get jealous.”

“We don’t want that.”

“This is why we keep this to ourselves,” she snorted and dragged him over for a kiss.

Rolling onto his knees, he lifted her legs up until her muscled calves rested on his shoulders. He tugged at her shorts. “I knew it!”

“Commando it is,” she giggled.

His fingers went to her pussy immediately and found it soaked. It had been much too long since he had tasted and it was an oasis to that long desert as he lowered so his tongue could dip in.

Cherry groaned and squirmed for a long time before his tongue brought her to a convulsing orgasm.

Climbing back up her muscled curves, he kissed her and allowed the tip of his penis to brush against her pussy.

Her voice became a growl, “Fuck me.”

“Is that what you want?”

“Fuck me now.”

He pushed into her warmth.

The starfighter communications barked to life, ripping him from the memory.Wicked Wednesday

“This is control, where the hell are you two?”

“We’re at Major Tom, sir,” Cherry responded.

A moment pause of silence before the voice came back. “Bring it home, time to send out a sensor ship.”

Both starfighters were quickly turned around and heading back towards the purple ball that was Sexton City.

“So what are you doing tonight?” Cherry asked.

Everett grinned. “You, of course.” He pushed his stick and rocketed forward.


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