Photogenic Pi

Camera by martinak15Pi lifted her head to stare at the camera. Her tongue darted across bright red lips as she smiled. “This is what you want?” Straight brunette hair fell just over her bare right shoulder and picked up the shine of sunlight.

“Yes,” the photographer grinned. The flash popped twice seemingly useless outside on the patio. “Gorgeous.”

Puckering the red lips, Pi planted a soft kiss on the tip of the erection in front of her just as the camera flashed again. Her left hand squeezed the base of it as though it were her lollipop.

“That’s fucking awesome.” The photographer stopped snapping just long enough to flip her long brunette hair back over her own bare tanned shoulder.

“This your boyfriend?” Pi asked.

The photog nodded.

“He has an awesome cock. Thank you for letting me borrow it.” Pi slipped her lips over it and, with her free right hand, gave the photographer a thumbs up.

“Oh do that again! Just look up at the camera.” The photographer crouched in to get a closer shot.

Keeping the cock tip in her mouth, Pi lifted her head to look in the camera and grinned around it with the thumb up again.

The camera’s useless flash popped again.

“I’m Cammie, by the way. And this is Hayden.”

Cock still in mouth, Pi shook each hand after putting her thumb down. It was a weird sensation doing intros mid-fellatio, yet oddly cool. Something tickled her about learning a guy’s name after she had already tasted his precum. Annoying yuppie name, or not, Pi liked the taste of young Hayden’s precum and wanted the rest of his load.

“I want a picture of him in your pussy.” Cammie stayed in her crouch. “Love shots of his cock inside women.”

“This is going to feel good. Thank you for letting me ride him.” Climbing onto her knees, she grabbed a condom from the wicker table in front of them. The twinge of disappointment at not tasting his cum was quickly washed away as she rolled the condom onto him. In her mouth, she had not realized just how thick Young Hayden was.

Hayden attempted to sit up and had to slow as the cushion stuck to his sweaty back and ripped away.

Pi stood and straddled him backwards.

The typical audience had gathered to watch as the petite muscled brunette lowered herself onto the thick cock. The crowd was not the same type, nor as big as when one of the swinger’s club regular pornstars was visiting, but a handful of men and women watched with smiles. Pi’s muscles, trimmed pussy wrapping around Hayden’s thick cock were the perfect sunny Saturday matinée performance for these folks.

The flash again popped its useless existence as Cammie began snapping more photos.

The normal fullness Pi would expect from a cock was not there, however. Pints of beer had left her both numb and tipsy, but she was still enjoying the attention. Her pussy left a sheen of wet on the condom as she lifted and lowered over the top of it.

Hayden, again, groaned and grasped her hips to help give her a rhythm.

“Don’t you dare cum, mister!” She grinned over her shoulder at him. “I want that in my mouth.”

However, he could not hold back and immediately filled the condom with his warm white cum.

“Aww, I wanted that.” Pi reached down and held the base of the condom so it would stay on him while she pulled off.

“Sorry.” It was odd that after almost half an hour it was the first word he had said to her.

Pi looked down at his spent cock. “What good is it to me now?” She winked at him and turned to glance around at the audience. Her eyes caught a muscular silver fox with his close-cut hair and light white goatee. “Think I know what I want next.”

The silver fox smiled at her through his sunglasses.

With three quick steps, Pi was around the wicker table and lowering to her knees in front of the large man. Her eyes quickly picked up the grey-haired woman beside him. She pointed at him. “Boyfriend?”

“Husband,” the woman corrected.

“May I?”

The woman grinned and nodded. “So long as I can share.” She lowered to her knees beside Pi. Her hands grasped her husband’s erection and pushed it towards Pi. “You first.”

Pi smiled. “This is too much fun.”

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