Swingers Afternoon At Oasis Aqualounge

Slowly sipping my Mill Street Raspberry as M’lady tastes her spiced rum and cola…we have a shady spot on the deck to wave at those peering out from the building next door. Yes, this is our life. Swinging and sweltering in the city heat.

It’s a sunny afternoon, and we’re sitting by the pool at Oasis Aqualounge. Oasis is one of Toronto’s more notorious clubs. It is one of a handful of swinger/sex/nudist clubs in the city.

Right now, other than Mrs. Stranded and I, there are four guys, one woman, and three couples either in or around this pool all nude. That is it other than visits from a few staff taking breaks.

Yes, writing this post nude. Should I provide evidence?√Toronto Skyline by Sam Smith, swingers

There are two buildings, one east, and one west, tall enough to see into the patio easily. Also one to the south at a touch more distance that would likely require binoculars or telescope to see into this area. The walls around the patio are blue-painted stone with a dry hay fringe attempting to mimic hula skirts.

The building is one that could have been haunted. Likely is, which just makes the place cooler. Dark red brick with black railings, fire escapes, windowsills, and roof singles. All this plus a rainbow flag across the top fire escape at the back of the building. My understanding of the history of Oasis is that it was a gay club until the current management came in and opened it up to all.

Inside there are four levels. The bottom level is the entrance, fully stocked bar (beer on tap and two types of spiced rum!), showers/washrooms and both pools. The pool where we are sitting is, by definition, a swimming pool but with how warm it is it is hard to differentiate between this one and the indoor Jacuzzi.

Being Irish, I see tremendous benefits to an indoor Jacuzzi, never mind the draught beer. Without the shade, the outdoor pool would not appeal to me at all…not a critique, as that’s me (remember I’m Irish and when naked I blend in with snow).

The second level is the change room and dungeon. Not entirely sure, but due to BDSM implements, the dungeon is the only on-site area where drinks are forbidden. FORBIDDEN! But it is a lovely place to flog a friend or three.

The third floor is all play, all the time and offers a second bar. Plenty of easy to clean vinyl play areas and voyeur areas to watch the action. In our time here, not convinced we have seen the third-floor bar open for anything other than water, but we tend to avoid peak times.

As we sit here now the place is missing two things…free WiFi and music. Normally there is music. There was earlier at it was excellent choices such as the Police doing “Every Breath You Take”, but for now, we all sit in silent awe of each other’s nakedness.

It’s either that or they’re all impressed with my swearing at my mobile’s auto erect as I attempt to write this.

Perhaps both.

The only real flaw with the place is that the shadiest part of this deck is the designated smoking area. Non-smokers need shade, too! Especially Irish erotic writers that like Mill Street Raspberry!

As of yet, only respectful attention has reigned down upon Mrs. Stranded. No offers to take her upstairs yet, but often the presence of a male partner (like me!) keeps those that would invite her at a distance.

That said, we’ll get her upstairs before this afternoon and evening is done.

Oh, the fourth level…knew I forgot something. Uncertain, but our understanding is it is a special private room for some.

The attitude of the clients is laid back and friendly. The staff is good with a joke or a light of your smoke (they should play a Billy Joel tune).

Our first time here was a Saturday evening when we found the crowd to be too much s&m (stand & model). Our second…and third…fourth…and now fifth stop here has taught us that first here was simply an off night. The club itself cannot control the feel of those here, but they certainly do work at being completely inclusive.

The club offers theme nights…tonight, for example, is porn night. Nothing like a little live porn, no? They have trans/lesbian nights, gang bang evenings and even lingerie themes.

So, recommendation…for those considering the lifestyle, Oasis is a good leaping in point…see what I did there? Pool…leaping in…oh never mind.

Unlike the other Toronto clubs of this nature, Oasis is not a sex club first…it’s a nudist club with play facilities. It is much less intense than the other places and is a great place to start if unsure of what one wants.

For those of us in the swinger lifestyle, it is a beautiful afternoon retreat. For a guy, such as myself, who has early work hours, the afternoon part is a wonderful thing.

Not likely a place one will find a random hookup if that is what is desired. This place, laid back as it is, does not offer the spontaneity of Club M4 (will do their review in a week or two).

It is, however, a very nice joint to wander so long as one knows where one’s towel is.


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