Howls of Slumber

Author’s note: this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt was to twist and eroticize a fairy tale. I chose The Wolf and the Fox…and no, this is not Scully and Mulder fan fiction…

feetWind howled through the condo windows as winter whipped the city once again.

The bedside table held a clock with no face due to lack of power.

Power lines were down due to tree limbs cracking from the weight of ice Mother Nature set upon them. Roads were shiny skating rinks as cars moved at a crawl trying to keep traction in the early dawn light. A few brave souls walked with hooded parkas to protect themselves from the snow and ice that attacked from the sky sideways.

Wolf checked his cell phone for time after seeing the clock was useless. Five-thirty was his usual wake up time, but with no alarm he had slept through until six. At first, a wave of annoyance clipped through him until Fox’s lips warmed him again.

Her mouth wrapped around his cock was a good warm way to wake him this morning.

A quick glance at the weather on his phone and Wolf knew he was not going to work today. Shame, really, as his eyes locked with Fox’s in mid-suck.

With lips dancing around his erection, she sucked him to the hilt leaving a ring of saliva around the base of his penis.

Putting the phone down, his hand drifted down and wrapped in her brunette hair. He knew, from the look in her eyes, she would mount him before longer.

She did not disappoint. Releasing the erection from her mouth, she drifted upwards to straddle him. Inch-by-inch she eased down on top of him, accepting his entire length with a sigh.

He laid one hand over her mouth, and put a finger to his lips to remind her of the need for quiet.

Little ears in the next room would ruin their fun if awakened.

Fox rolled her eyes and just sat upon his erection.

“Don’t do that,” he whispered.

She shrugged and began to lift off, before lowering again until his cock was reciprocating inside of her.

Wolf gave a grunt of approval and rested his hands on her hips. Closing his eyes, his mouth formed a pleased grin.

As was her way, however, Fox began to moan. It was soft, at first, but soon she was yelping.

Eyes blasted upon and he held his finger to his lips again.

Her eyes being closed, however, Fox did not see and bucked harder and almost screaming.

Pulling her to lay on top of him, he grasped her neck and pushed her mouth into his shoulder to help muffle her voice. It worked well enough that he relaxed again.

Her orgasm soaked him, dripping from her pussy as she lifted off. Fox sighed and slumped beside him.

He shook his head. “I thought you’d woken the kids with that one.”

She giggled and patted his shoulder. “Go get me coffee. I did all the work, I deserve that much.”

He kissed her forehead and slipped out of bed. Pulling on his heavy green house coat, he cracked open the door and stepped from the room.

“DADDY!” the voices greeted as the door closed behind him.

“No orgasm for you,” she whispered. Her grin widened before falling back to sleep.

Wicked Wednesday


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