Anonymous Sex in Anonymous Buildings

Author’s note: This is from the King West Stacks part of the Quadrilogy Stories erotica set…but really it is part two of a new direction for these stories that began with Snowbound

Blonde Sadako by Karrie Nodalo, erotica“Good morning,” John called out and waved. He could not keep from smiling.

A petite blonde woman stumbled between piles of bodies slowly across the street. Her eyes looked over suspiciously, at first, but relief washed over her on seeing John.

Light snow fell between them, but not hard enough to collect on the asphalt.

“You okay?” John asked.

She nodded slowly and looked around. A jean jacket was pulled around her tiny torso and yoga pants were all she had to keep her skinny legs. Her hair was long and knotted heavily, in dire need of a brush.

He leapt a snow bank and stepped across a few bodies to approach her. “I’m John.” He smiled even more broadly as he jogged the last few feet across the street and stepped over more bodies.

“Lisa,” she said weakly. Her eyes searched him. “You have any cigarettes?”

He shook his head. “Sorry, I don’t smoke.” He turned, surveying the bodies along the street. “Well, Lisa, I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but welcome to the new world.”

“The new world?”

“Our new world, yes.” John nodded. “I’ve walked twenty blocks, and you’re the first I’ve seen that’s still among the breathing.”

“I haven’t seen anyone else, either.” Tears filled the corners of her eyes. “Even the dogs are dead.”

“Yeah, it isn’t pretty.” He took her hand and pulled. “Let’s find you somewhere to warm up.”

She accepted his guidance and followed without protest. With her seemingly frail state, it was not as if she could have stopped him, anyway.

“Not like there are any furnaces working, but the buildings are still warmer so far.”

“Yeah…very cold.”

“You should have dressed warmer.”

“I was coming home from work and waiting for a cab.”


“I’m a dancer at Allison’s Angels.”

“A dancer, really? I run a library…well, I used to. Guess neither of us do those things anymore.” He saw an open door into the lobby of a large condo building. “There’s what we want.” Once inside, he led her behind the security desk as though he knew exactly where he was going.

The on-guard security was face down in a cardboard take-out box of noodles that had splattered across his counter.

Past the guard, John led her into the security office. The room was sparse with a wooden desk, leather couch, and two motivational posters on the door-less and windowless walls.

“You have a cigarette?”

“No, sorry, but I’ll get you some.” He leaned against the desk. “Allison’s Angels? That’s out by the airport. You walked that far?”

She nodded. “Okay, it’s still cold in here.”

“I know. Not like I know any places around here with a fireplace. Can I warm you up?” He slipped his left hand into her blonde matted hair and tugged.

“Hell, yes,” Lisa moaned softly. With practiced ease, she lowered to her knees with his hair-pulling guidance.

“Dancer, my ass.” His right hand pulled at the zipper on his fly before reaching in and pulling his penis free through the hole in his long johns. “Good girl,” he whispered.

Her blue eyes searched his length first before opening her mouth to accept it.

Now hard, he pulled it from her mouth, and smacked the tip of his length against her cheek.

Lisa giggled.

“Like that, do you?”

“Fuck, yes.”

He pulled her hair harder and shoved back into her mouth with force this time. Pleasant surprise came that the skull-fuck did not cause her to gag. “Impressive.” Before long, he filled her mouth with his cum.

Continuing to be directed by hair pulls, she stood and stripped of the light clothes she had. Lying back on the couch, she watched as he also stripped. Spreading her legs, she was ready for him as he crawled on top of her.

He fucked her with savage energy. Thrusts were violent enough to cause clapping as their hips collided over and over between her screams of pleasure. John was pleasantly surprised at how wet she was, something he had not anticipated knowing her profession.

Every conceivable position from missionary to cowgirl to Lisa bent over the desk and getting it up the ass…they had eleven orgasms between them before the finale cum shot deep inside her.

From his knees on the couch, John pulled out and watched his cum drip from her pussy lips for a moment. “So, Lady Lisa, what am I going to do with you?”

“Get me some cigarettes?” She smiled up at him and gave no answer.

“You just want cigarettes? Not something stronger?”

“I’d like stronger.”

“Is Lisa your real name?”

“On stage they call me Liza.”

“Ah, the Great Liza as she does her pole dances.” Rising, he eyed her and went to the where his clothes were strewn on the desktop. “You’d need better clothes before you can go anywhere. It’s too cold to travel in yoga pants.”

She nodded.

“We’d need to get you a pack and supplies. Think the city won’t be safe for long.”

“Okay.” Her hands slipped across her bare belly, still enjoying the after effects of their fucking.

He pulled out his gun, checked the clip and snapped it back in. “I have a serious hankering for some grub, too. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t you know?”

“Give me a minute.” She propped herself up on elbows and moved to sit up. “I’ll come with you.”

John crouched and, with a smile, kissed her deeply. “No, you stay here.”

“Okay, you’ll bring me something back? And some cig…”

He levelled the gun at her forehead.

Her eyes widened. “What are you…?”

He finished her question with a single pull of the trigger.

Her body collapsed.

“You’re too skinny for me, anyway. Dogs like bones and men like meat…and as you pointed out, all the dogs are dead.”

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