Going Down

Firetrucks in Snow by Paul Keleher erotica“Fuck, this is not good!” Bobbi screamed as she crawled down the ladder. Her jeans, being as long as they were, had almost caused her to fall a few times so far. Shivers ran through her, but there were no options to go back for coats.

“Yeah, but better safe than sorry,” Lace called down to her from a few rungs above. “Just be thankful Roy was out, or we’d really be screwed.”

“This isn’t a real fire!” Bobbi stopped in an attempt to appear defiant but was nearly rewarded with a footprint on her forehead. “It can’t be. I mean, what if they find my costumes?”

“Costume? Your only fucking costume is a masquerade mask! At least you’re not in a mini skirt and hoping no dude looks up.”

Bobbi looked up and laughed. “You win.”

“I think someone pulled the fucking alarm just so they could look up my skirt.”

“And then she took it too far.” Bobbi reached the bottom but stayed close to the ladder so no dude could get close enough to look up at Lace’s unmentionables. She did wonder, though, if Lace would mind were said dude a fit and muscular member of the fire brigade. “Why would you wear a mini skirt in winter, anyway?”

Stepping off the ladder, Lace turned to glare at Bobbi.

“Oh, were we expecting a visit from Tee Kay Oh today?”

Lace looked away and stomped towards the edge of the sidewalk.

“I guess we were.”

Tee Kay Oh was the super hero alter ego for a local high school secretary named Abby Ossington. A gorgeous brunette domme that Lace had a long term crush on that, so far, had gone unnoticed.

She followed the shorter woman. “Lace, she’d just be coming in to see Roy about her website. Not like she’ll even talk to you.” Bobbi immediately regretted her words.

Lace’s shoulders slumping only hammered the regret further. “Can’t I just have one?”

Pulling Lace into an embrace, Bobbi whispered, “I’m sorry, baby. I shouldn’t have said…”

“But you’re right.”

A burly fire man placed a blanket over Bobbi’s shoulders and drew her attention away. He then placed one over Lace who ignored him.

“She’ll never notice me.”

“I’d fuck him three ways.”

Lace’s eyes shot up at her. “Fuck who?” Following the gaze of lost attention, Lace quickly discovered the new apple of Bobbi’s eye.

Keeping her eyes on The Behemoth only showed how Bobbi could be completely submissive when it came to someone muscular and in uniform. “Imagine how massive his cock would be.”

Eyes rolled first before Lace looked down. “His feet are tiny.”

“Shit, spoil my fantasy, why don’t ya?”

“You’re worried about your fantasy and…”

“You’re just the sidekick, Lace, remember?” Bobbi’s eyes returned to Lace just long enough to wink before going back in search of their candy fireman.

“Slut,” Lace scolded with a giggle.

“Dammed straight, and proud of it.” Eyes continued to follow the fireman. “You should sleep with him.”


“You’ve never gotten over Patrick and there is some cliché that says to get over him you need to get under someone else.”

Lace’s mouth opened for a moment before finding words. “I’m not sleeping with…”

“I’m calling him The Behemoth.”

“…Fireman Carson there. Wait, you’ve named him?”

“Carson?” Bobbi turned and blinked her confusion at Lace.

“What it said on his name tag. Nowhere does it say the name Behemoth on his person. Besides, remember the tiny feet.”

“Maybe he makes up for it with tongue skills. I’ve always figured that fireman would be rough lovers with something of a thrill-seeking fetish.”

“Rough doesn’t mean he’d be good with his tongue.”

“I’m scared to ask what conversation I’m walking in on.” The new voice belonged to Abby Ossington who stood eye to eye with Bobbi. “Fire alarm pulled? Is Roy okay?”

Lace blushed.

Bobbi turned to Abby. “Roy’s not in today.”

Lace blushed harder.

“Cross-Eyes, here, told me he was coming in.”

Before Lace could speak, Bobbi continued, “I think he was supposed to be, but he had something come up.”

Abby shrugged. “Alright, I’ll wander back tomorrow then.”

“What about lunch?” Bobbi blurted out.

Lace shook her head.

“What about it? You have firestuds here, why would you want to go anywhere?”

“We’ve not eaten and who the hell knows when they’re going to let us back in there. That and Lace didn’t exactly dress for the weather, so we should get her somewhere warmer.” Bobbi grinned, sensing that appealing to Abby’s hero-sense would make this work.

Lace shook her head harder.

“Okay, I could eat. A beer wouldn’t hurt, either.”

“We have an accord then,” Bobbi said with a big smile.

The Behemoth returned. “You can all go back in. Fire is out and was kept to the rooftop only, so your offices should be fine.”

“Oh Damn,” Bobbi said. “You two go on without me. I have to get up and…um…I have things I must do…ah…think there are plants that need watering.”

“Suit yourself.” Abby put her arm around blushing Lace and pulled her along. “Your boss is fucking weird.”

“Preaching to the choir, believe me,” Lace agreed.

Bobbi waited until they were out of earshot before turning. She found The Behemoth and stepped right up to him. “Excuse me.”

His eyes did a quick walk over her to the point of near-creepy. “Yes, ma’am, how can I help?”

“I’m a bit nervous and was hoping I might have one of you strapping lads escort me up.”

He turned and pointed at a younger, shorter man. “Absolutely. I’ll send McMichael up with…”

“And by a strapping lad, I meant you.”

His smile grew ear to ear. “I’d be happy to.”

Then Bobbi saw his feet. “Oh, shit…”

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