Leading From Her Knees

Author’s note: Suppose I should mention that this is part four of Miss Direction.

Spit virtol, not swallow by Relationshit-s eroticaBobbi felt the warmth of it on her tongue before the tart taste sensation followed.

With grunts and both of his hands grasping behind her head in an effort to push deeper, his enjoyment was obvious.

But what was his name?

His tiny erection, Bobbi assumed, was why he had first tried to hire her. Henceforth, her mind would forever know him as Tiny. And tiny as Tiny was, his supply of cum was impressive. A second assumption was that Tiny was married, unless the wedding band on his left hand was some sort of spy disguise.

Laying between his legs, her bare breasts brushed his thighs as she slid her mouth up his cock. Her black skirt, stockings, and knee-high red socks were all still in place as the request had been oral only. Her mask had also remained and there were no complaints from him on that.

Good as Bobbi looked, this guy wanted to dominate her and the session had begun on her knees. It seemed odd to bring up where her teeth were during this scenario to him and how she believed this put her in the more dominant position. The fact that he had mistaken a superhero…the fantastic Miss Direction as a streetwalker was even funnier.

He obviously was not from around here and did not recognize her, even once they were in better light. Based on his ideas of what dominance was, he also had no idea what it meant to actually lead.

“Swallow it,” Tiny urged, making strong eye contact for the first time since he had slipped her the cash.

Bobbi considered it but then decided to take the lead herself. First, she sat up and crawled to where she could straddle him. No intention was considered of fucking as he seemed interested in nothing more than oral. With his being married, Bobbi imagined that he had similar definitions of cheating as did one ex-US president.

He tensed beneath her. “Swallow it,” he repeated, but his voice trembled.

Inches from his face she allowed the cum to leak from her lips, first rolling down her chin and neck before slipping between her breasts. She did swallow some before saying, “You swallow it.”

He did. His mouth eagerly devoured as his tongue traced the cum from her cleavage and right up her neck. Exploration ended with his tongue meeting her’s in a long make out session.

She liked the grip of his strong hands on her ass as they continued but she was surprised that, even as his erection returned against the inside of her thighs, he never attempted to fuck her. It was a good thing, however, as she was enjoying it enough that had he tried she likely would not have even stopped him long enough to get a condom.

His hands drifted lower from her ass and grabbed he stroked her calves through the socks.

“Yes, married,” Tiny said later as they shared a last glass of wine before she left. He sat behind her on the couch in the front room of his small apartment.

“I figured, but we all have our needs.” Her legs were curled up beneath her. It was not something he had requested, but she enjoyed how he could not help but caress her thighs through the socks he had asked she wear.

“She’s been dead four years and I still can’t actually t fuck another woman. Her heart attack happened over there.” He pointed with his wine glass hand.

When she had followed him into the apartment, she sensed the place to be nostalgically feminine. His guilt explained that and the place was probably exactly as it had been the day his wife had been taken out on a stretcher.

Now, seeing the tear in his eye, Bobbi considered if she should give him back the cash. The decision came down to her lack of employment and need to eat defeating her guilt in order to keep the money.

Twelve hours later…

“You did perfectly,” Motion Sickness flipped through the photos.

There were many photos. All high-definition and caught everything from Miss Direction accepting cash, to her sharing cum from her mouth to her kissing the man deeply before leaving the apartment.

A grin formed across the man’s face which quickly disappeared when looking at Motion Sickness. He grimaced and allowed his hands to lightly hold his stomach. “Not every day I get paid so well for a trick.”

Motion Sickness handed him a wad of bills. “No, I imagine it isn’t.”

“Usually, I’m the one giving the orgasm, not the other way around.”

One picture caught Motion Sickness’ attention. Moving under a standing lamp in the man’s apartment, he studied it. “Dammit, the woman does look good with a cock in her mouth. A real shame that I have to use these to bring her down.”

“Bring her down?”

He looked at the man. “Sorry, what’s your name?”

“I’m Dah…”

“Never mind, it doesn’t matter. Yes, to bring her down. I’ve been looking for a way to take Miss Direction and Cross-Eyes out of commission, and you’ve finally given it to me.”

“But I liked her. I thought you just wanted a few pictures to…”

“Dude, you told her you were married. Do you really think she’ll want to see you again? Besides, you’ve been paid, Dah…” Motion Sickness chuckled at the picture. “Or should I call you Tiny?”

“You had us miked, too? I should beat the fuck out of you?”

“No.” Motion Sickness put a gloved hand on the man’s shoulder as though in an attempt to calm.

The man’s facial skin went from pink to pale and finally rested on light green.

Pulling his hand back, Motion Sickness made a leathery fist with a crinkle and smiled. “Now that I’ve actually touched you, you’re going to be rather sick for a few days. You probably want to save your strength.”

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