No Longer Stranded

bug150Been much too long since I’ve done a stream of consciousness post, no?

Am sitting in bed and tapping this out as Mrs. Stranded crushes candies on her mobile beside me. A comfortable time, indeed.

And I blame Mrs. Stranded for things being so comfortable.

It is an odd circle as this is what was the original intent behind the “Stranded in Toronto” brand that I inadvertently began three and a half years ago. This was just to be my random musings, thoughts, and really bad jokes. It was not intended as the home for my erotic short fiction that it has become.

This is not a complaint…more just a moment of sitting back with a pint and saying, “That’s fucking cool.”

And yes, it is a brand.copy-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-wordmark-350.jpg

When Mrs and I were at Eroticon in Atlanta in 2013 and Bristol in 2014, we had people calling us “The Strandeds”. We even created a site based on that name that we have ignored for much too long.

That said, the Stranded brand has outlived its usefulness beyond simply being known for it.

It began as a man from Calgary living in the Greater Toronto Area and missing his Rocky Mountains.

That’s it. That’s where the entire “Stranded” thought started.

It certainly had nothing to do with the erotica I have filled these pages with since that November afternoon when I finally settled on the name. My original tag line made that pretty clear, I felt:

You can take the boy out of the Rocky Mountains, but you can’t put the cliche back in the bottle.

This post is quickly turning into my goodbye to Stranded and hello to “Author C.P. McClennan”. My Fetlife account has already been changed. There are no further specific references to Stranded in my Facebook marketing. Think my Goodreads and Amazon profiles list me as having been “Stranded in Toronto” for almost 30 years now…but other than this site, that’s it.

Really wasn’t my intent to get into this as I began tapping this out on the old BlackBerry. That, in itself, is a throwback as probably ninety percent of what I posted in the first eight months on this site was written on a BlackBerry.

Odds are I was texting and driving as I could no-look type on my old BlackBerry.

Kids, don’t try this at home…I am (now) a professional.

I’d be cruising a highway north of Toronto and heading towards the old farmhouse…Rush or REO Speedwagon would be blaring on the Ford Escape Hybrid speakers…and I’d be tapping out some random erotic story with a twist.

Now it has evolved to a downtown Toronto condo typing out stories for publication on a MacAir as iTunes sings to me with tunes of Rush, REO Speedwagon, Duncan Sheik, Heart, Chicago and Howard Jones…among others. The old hybrid, much as I miss it, was limited in its musical options due to having a CD player and no iPod jack.

Regardless, I blame Mrs. Stranded…er…Laura. Entirely her fault.

With all the writing I am now publishing under my own name, this site is going to evolve that way as well. Likely to keep the brand for now but have added a new tagline:

The writing and musings of Author C.P. McClennan

Not all that exciting but, after three and a half years of being Stranded…this is now home. I’m no longer feeling stranded at all.

…again, I blame Laura for this. Entirely her fault.

Wait, now I’m repeating myself.

That said, being her Twitter handle is still @MrsStranded, we may have to rethink that as well.


  1. Ah yes, the surprises we create for ourselves when we begin blogging and writing. While I branded myself as Kayla Lords, even though I didn’t consider it branding until very recently, I don’t think I thought the sex blogger/author thing through. Starting out as a sex blogger, even with a “good” website name, means that if I ever confess this side of my life to my family, I give them full access to my sex life. Oops.

    But I think rebranding is possible, and that it’s sweet that people consider you the Strandeds. It’s a reminder of a simpler time…maybe. 🙂
    Kayla Lords recently posted…A Kiss #MasturbationMondayMy Profile

  2. I think a recognized “brand” is useful, but I understand your desire to move forward. Still, on those, shall we say “difficult” February days and nights, aren’t we ALL stranded in (and around) Toronto. It can feel that way.
    By the way, I want to apologize for not yet reading and reviewing your novel. I am still not anywhere near back to my previous reading habits. I have a Kobo, not a Kindle. I find reading on my not-very-mobile computer awfully difficult at the best of times, so keep it to mandatory reading, like: How to do your income taxes. (Should’ve left THAT to the pros, I’m afraid…)
    Many thanks for your friendship on Twitter and of course for my light sabre award.
    One of these days we shall all meet and I think it will be fun.
    Gotta go dial that always-busy CRA phone number now…wish me luck?

    Madeline Moore
  3. “Stranded in Toronto” is an amazing name and brand, the word “stranded” somehow implying a romantic state of being. And Toronto of course, a vibrant and a sexy city that we are lucky to live in (or in my case: very close to). But when it’s time to move on, you simply move on. Good luck!

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