Sex Toy Review – Electrified by the Magic Wand

sex toy magic wandYes…I decided to do a sex toy review.

My initial thought on such reviews was pretty simple and straight forward. I’m a guy…I don’t need no stinkin’ toys. Upon further review, my wife convinced me that I could do it with her help.

So here goes…

Anyhow, we have a Magic Wand personal massager (used to be the Hitachi Magic Wand Original)..if in the UK, try UK Wand. Again, being a guy I’d not explored any details previously, but I was surprised to find out that this device was first marketed in the late 60s and promoted even by the likes of Betty Dodson.

Upon initial opening, the device looks like a white microphone that Monty Hall might have once tried to make deals with. It is definitely ready for action immediately upon opening with no installation, assembly, nor a good scolding required.

The initial cons:

One oddity about the device is the cord. Our starting out with a back massage quickly made the issue of cord reach become apparent. On our queen-sized bed, stretching it out, I could barely get it to her ankles while Mrs. Stranded lay in the middle of the bed. Certainly this is easily fixed with her shifting but makes the device useless were one somewhere that outlets were not accessible.

Upon my flipping the switch to the first level Mrs. Stranded exclaimed, “It sounds like a taser!” There is some noise to it, but nothing a closed door cannot fix for those of us with children in a large city condo. I would guess, were one in a silent farmhouse somewhere, this could be a larger issue that could keep little ears awake from other bedrooms in the house next door. Perhaps one should suggest that their neighbors wear earmuffs for sleepwear.

One further issue would be cleaning this. Being it is only a personal massager, this is a false issue…however, being some might think to use for other purposes, the set up of the bulbous white head atop the blue neck makes cleaning awkward should any fluids get into that crevice. The golf-ball-dimpled head also would also make cleaning a touch more effort than a smoother device.

sex toy magic wandThe pros:

Intensity is the obvious reason why this thing has the aforementioned cord. The cord length seems much less important when one considers that no battery operated device can get this kind of power offering two settings at either 5000 rpm or 6000 rpm For massage it worked to relax muscles quickly. The higher setting, in certain spots, was too intense, but a quick button flip had this problem licked. If the lower setting still feels too intense, a barrier can be used to soften if further…perhaps a sock or a small puppy.

The neck allows some play in flexibility. With how rigid and heavy the device feels, this detail is an unexpected good turn that means it can reach into areas that might seem unreachable for a 12-inch-long hard plastic device.

But we’re just massaging…no need to find nooks.

Um…but it did well in the nooks.

The device quickly had a potential squirting orgasm caused by the continued exploration…well, that’s what would have happened if we had used the device for something other than massaging. The orgasm would have been intense and a screamer which makes the earlier comments about noise irrelevant. The vibration gets at the clitoris and is relentless in getting to the perfect orgasm that will leave her as nothing more than a cooing mass upon the bed.

Again, if we were to try that, it is what would happen. But it is just a massager.

Yeah, sure it is.

The device is easy enough to use with a partner or solo. Just play nice!

One thing to keep in mind is that the thing does heat up. The instructions clearly state to max the usage time at 25 minutes before taking a rest to allow the device to cool. This could crop up as an issue if one gets lost in their adventures with it, so be careful.

As I finish writing this, Mrs has drifted off to happy sleep after her great…um…massage. So far as recommendations go, guessing her last waking question says it all:

“When can we play with it again?”


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