Swinging Castle Stranded and a Corrugated Fetish

mont-saint-michel-688405_640Forgive me, reader, it has been three weeks since my last prose…no, seriously. With my posting schedule, most would not realize, but it has been three weeks since these fingers have been swinging across proper keys.

Okay, this is posting for Wicked Wednesday, but it has nothing to do with this week’s theme of hormones! I’m sorry…it took me five days to get my fucking computer un-boxed and my fingers have been going stir crazy wanting to type something completely inappropriate as they swapped DNA with the keys.

So here we go.

Um….oh boy…and now the exhaustion kicks in. Awaiting my head to slam on the keys after how this week has gone. Fuck, who am I kidding, this month. Just box after box and a shit load of Ikea furniture to be built, unbuilt, reassembled, and then used for kindling in the fireplace after I wreck it. We’ve had some nice fires, this week, that had nothing to do with my cooking. That said, Mrs. Stranded was disappointed with the lack of firemen required for such.

firefighter-752540_640We’re still surrounded by boxes at this point…those hormonal fingers of mine made me take a break this afternoon…dammit, I wasn’t going to talk about hormones.

Oh well.

If there are any of you out there with a corrugated fetish, let us know. We can help!

I mean, there are fetishes for leather, rubber and even chrome (think auto erotica and just go with it)…so why not cardboard?

The new office includes a new master control desk (that was once a dining room table) and a very ergonomic chair (one of those Ikea builds that didn’t burn)…think I’ll call the chair Markus just for that vampyric feel.

Anyhow, just a brief note this week and with much luck I will be back up to some form of speed by next weekend…

Coming up projects are a number I have to get to work on…Darwin’s Sword, Savannah Book Two being the big one, of course…and the cover is now set for that. Also, there will soon be an adjustment to the site that will include swinging lifestyle specific reviews. In three weeks there will be two additional Greater Toronto Area swinger clubs that I will review.

…I know, I know…such a burden I put myself under to provide this service for you lot.

legs-831518_640 swingingIn February, there may even be reviews of clubs outside Toronto…outside Canada, even…as we have some much-required vacation that includes no corrugation. Swinging, perhaps…but the corrugated fetish can go fuck itself…

Imagine the papercuts…

Sorry, off track…This site addition is a severe downgrade from the changes I was thinking of earlier today…and thus why such a short piece has been produced after an afternoon back online.

Oh look…another box…bloody hormonal fingers.

Had been looking at an entire renovation of the site with a new theme and new widgets and shyte such as that. After much ado, however, I will do nothing as this current theme still is the best one I have found. That an atheist, such as I, can use a theme called Church to write erotica with, still tickles me some.

Geography…yes, geography…I’m back outside Toronto. The Stranded Castle is in Canada’s sixth largest city, Mississauga, which is on Toronto’s western border. For a touch of scope, Toronto is North America’s fourth largest city and that makes Mississauga fiftieth.

The fact that we can actually host our friends here for adult pursuits (aka swinging or such), of course, never came into the decision to move here. Um…okay, perhaps it did a little bit…but just a little.

Anyhow, I must run for now. Good to finally put some words to screen somewhere again.



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