Author’s note…I write using music as inspiration, constantly. Ninety-five percent of what I write, in these pages, has bands heavily entrenched in the 80s/90s rock realms playing soundtrack as my fingers fly across the keys. Then came a discussion with one of my Facebook friends, Patient Lee about music…and it spawned this.

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The following story is a result of that discussion and this meme. I am turning on my usual 97.7 HTZ FM, an alternative hard-rock station out of St. Catharines, Ontario…and my song choice is:


photographer-234907_1280“What are you doing? Playing with your camera again?” Brenda squirmed against her restraints. Her bare breasts leaned against the cool glossed wood of what felt like a St. Andrew’s cross. Each arm rose along the wood until restraints held her wrists with limited slack. Her ankles had even less give from the leather straps restraining them. When she moved, the chains jingled but gave her very limited movement. Her brunette hair brushed half-way down across her back as she shifted leaning her head against her left arm. The blindfold, the only piece of fabric other than leather restraint on her, kept her from seeing anything even as she attempted to catch glimpses beneath the folds.

“Are you ready?” his voice was a growl.

She grinned knowing just the anticipation of Zach’s teasing had her wet. “Ready for what?” Her well-muscled thighs always found the wood’s coolness uncomfortable which was why he always restrained her tightly. Many an accident had occurred when she squirmed too much during play and kicked, or kneed, or punched the wrong way.

“The machine.” He had already warmed her well with the different tools he usually used, but now it was time for something different.

“Oh, the machine?” Her voice sounded more sarcastic than intended. He always came up with overkill names for his play.

“Remember your colours.”

“Green. All dark, mysterious, and green.”


She squealed feeling his hand smack her ass. It was harder than the warm up had been, but she figured that would end Zach’s aggression as he rarely went harder than that. “Bring it,” she purred at him over her shoulder.

Shuffling followed in the darkness before the ankle restraints were removed with the jingle of chains as the fell to the floor.

Brenda gasped feeling a hand on her right hip. A massive hand.

That wasn’t Zach’s hand.

Sounds began to call out from the room’s speakers in a song she didn’t recognize at first. She smiled feeling the warm weight of someone leaning against her from behind to reach up and release her wrists.

“Blindfold stays on,” Zach’s voice came from across the room.

“Yes, sir.” Now a massive paw on each hip guided her down from the cross. She now recognized the tune as Pink Floyd. One of those bands that Zach would use for something less romantic when he wanted a scene to be more animalistic in nature.

“Hands and knees.” Zach was closer this time, but still some distance.

The hands assisted her onto something soft and padded. More chains jingled as her wrists and ankles were, again, secured.

Returning to her hips, she felt a body nestle up behind her. The erection that brushed between her legs was massive. She also heard the breathing of a second presence in front of her.

The hands released her hips and went between her legs with one to hold the erection while the second found her pussy lips and spread them.

Though the feeling of penetration was rubbery, always a relief that Zach made sure these studs were wearing, it pushed a pleasured moan from Brenda. The moan was quickly stifled by a second erection at her open lips.

She opened her mouth further to eagerly allow it in.

“This is fantastic.” Zach’s voice was still away, likely operating the camera.

The second set of hands, though smaller than those of the stud behind her, felt just as powerful. They gathered up her hair, she imagined so the camera would see her mouth working the cock in front.

The cock behind her increased its thrusts intensity and rhythm until Brenda had to release the one in her mouth to allow a squeal. It was like being fucked by the power of a locomotive engine as it would have thrown her from her knees were there not the second man nuzzled in front of her. Turning her head, she made a poor attempt to lick his balls but her aim would have been bad enough with the blindfold along, never mind the jackhammer behind her.

The song changed to something by Tom Petty, not that Brenda noticed. There were slight moments of position, but her knees and elbows felt raw from the continued action. Being a good girl, she would not complain. Later, in front of the fire, Zach would apply ice to them for her.

The fucking had been stopped a few times momentarily to allow the addition of lubricant, but otherwise, it simply continued as the hips behind her smacked her ass over and over. Little doubt, her ass would be reddened by all this, as well.

Brenda lost track of time by her third orgasm. She lost track of her orgasms by the sixth or seventh. Although she was certain she had, during this scene, heard tunes by Black Sabbath, Tom Petty, the Foo Fighters, and Billy Joel…when did Zach ever play Billy Joel?…she could not have named the playlist Zach had used. No doubt she would be joyfully punished tomorrow for her failure to remember this.

These two men were The Machine. It was her tenth orgasm, give or take one or two, when she finally sensed either of the studs showing any sign of being human.

Considering the intensity of the assault on her pussy, Brenda was surprised to feel the erection in front tense first and spray its cum on the side of her neck and shoulder. The other cock then grew larger and warmer inside her before she felt the condom stretch further with it being filled with white hot cum.

Both men pulled away and vanished into the sound of Disturbed covering Land of Confusion.

Brenda collapsed into a puddle. The pain of knees, elbows, and ass would be felt later, but for now, she was just pleasured goo.

A door clicked behind the music somewhere.

Other than breathing hard, she didn’t move until she felt the restraints being removed again. The hands, these ones feeling like Zach’s, guided her to lay on her back. “How was The Machine?”

“Oh fuck, I don’t think I’ll be walking right for a week.”

His hand stroked her hair. “Wait until you see it. We’ve outdone ourselves this time.”

“I bet.”

“But we need to get you dressed.” He lifted the blindfold off her.

She looked at the bookshelves around her and found the one that had simulated the cross earlier. Glancing at the shelves, she giggled realizing she had just been laid in the erotica section. “Must be almost time to open.”

Zach laughed. “I think you already did open.”

“Yeah, guess I did. But I should close up before the doors open. Why the fuck do we open at five, anyway? I thought college students slept in late.”

“Do you?” He stood up and moved back to the camera tripod at the end of the aisle. “Now, Miss Knotts, can you summarize what we’ve learned in this lesson?”

Sitting up, she rolled her head to stretch out her neck. “For starters, I learned that kneepads are a beautiful thing.”

“Oh really?” He grinned and worked to dismantle the camera.

“That, and I hope you let me play with The Machine again.”

Zach stopped and his brown eyes locked on her green. “Count on it, Miss Knotts.”

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