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“All I said was that the bird was pining for the fjords, but it seems Trisha thought I wanted more.”

The class erupted with laughter. The room was dark save for a white spotlight overhead featuring a black massage table at the centre. A single step surrounded the massage table where the students stood in shadowy rows around with the taller folk up on the step.

bdsm erotica alarm clockIt always made her happy to get the right jokes in at the right time. It always tended to take the nervous students’ minds off the fact that all in the room were naked. She always felt that humor in erotica added to the stories for her, so it seemed important to add them to her BDSM teaching, as well. Her eyes fell to the gentleman on the table. “What’s your name, soldier?”

Brenda Knotts smiled and stepped towards the table with the click of her black stiletto heels. Her brunette curls were held in a long ponytail that cascaded over her right shoulder and fell just short of her nipple. The only clothing she wore were the clicking heels that added about four inches to her five-foot height.

He grinned at her. “Herb, ma’am.”

“Okay, Herb Ma’am,” she said and wrapped her left hand around his erection. Her eyes lifted to the surrounding shadows as her hand began to slowly stroke. “Today’s lesson, as you are all aware, is on edging.”

The group mumbled its agreement.

Herb grunted his.

“Herb, you tell me when you’re close to cumming so I can adjust my strategy.” She stroked faster. “Edging is also sometimes called orgasm control. It is coming close to climax and stopping on purpose.”

Chuckles came from the shadows.

“Then we repeat a few times with the intent of making the ultimate climax more intense and pleasurable.” Her eyes lowered to Herb again. “You like intense, Herb?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” he groaned.

“Good. If I do, you can reward me by fucking me with this monstrosity.” Her eyebrows raised as she glanced at the erection in her hand. “This activity is not gender specific. Both male and females can enjoy edging. The bigger issue is the patience of the one assisting us with the play.”

“Ma’am?” Red veins stood out on Herb’s neck.

“Oh, you’re quick.” She released his erection. “We’ll give Herb a moment to rest.” Through the shadows, she could see a few were already starting to stroke each other. “Herb?”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Enough with the ma’am, just Brenda.”

He nodded. The veins in his neck calmed.

“Your wife or girlfriend here?”

“Yeah, Sally’s here somewhere.”

“Sally’s busy,” a female voice called out.

“Oh, good. I was going to ask if she minded if I,” Brenda bent forward and kissed the tip of Herb’s penis, “got this precum off her man?”

“Nope,” the voice called back. “Be my guest!”

Brenda laughed and bent down again. “Obviously, this does play does not have to be strictly handjobs, either.” She opened her mouth and wrapped her mouth around the erection.

The crowd had some lowering to knees to mimic Brenda’s instructions.

Before long, Herb offered panicked grunts again.

Releasing his erection, Brenda smiled at him and reached down to stroke his brown hair. “That’s my boy. We’re almost done.” Turning to the shadows she asked, “Any questions?”

The grunts and moans of the surrounding shadows suggested there were no questions.

“Alright, then.” Her eyes dropped to Herb again. “Are you ready, Herb?”

He gave a violent nod.

Reaching to a shelf underneath the table, Brenda pulled out a condom wrapper. “Good, I’m ready, too.” Opening the package, she pinched the rubber condom nipple and pushed the ring of rubber just over the tip of Herb’s erection. Releasing the nipple, she bent forward and wrapped her lips over it, keeping her teeth tight enough to roll it down the shaft.

Herb groaned.

With a scrape, she used a toe to pull a stool out from beneath the table. Stepping up on it, she crawled up on top of Herb. “Remember, Herb, we are doing this for education.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he agreed with a growl. His hands rose to her hips.

Reaching down with her left hand, she guided his cock inside her. A moan slipped from her own lips as it penetrated her.

“Oh fuck, yeah.” Herb pulled on her hips hard until his cock was fully sheathed in her.

“You ready to cum?” Brenda asked, leaning back to get more resistance from his solid erection.


“One condition.”

“Name it,” he gasped.

“You eat me out until I’ve cum three times after this.”


She slipped off his cock and held it tight against her pelvis. Stroking it hard, with both hands this time, she locked eyes with him.

The cum shot straight up, with the first volley leaving evidence in Brenda’s brunette bangs.

She laughed and pulled back, feeling the second wave of cum hit her breasts and the third on her belly. “Good boy,” she cooed. “That was just impressive.”

Groans and moans continued around them.


Herb tensed. “Are you okay?”

Brenda giggled. “I forgot they were here.” She climbed back off him.

Herb sat up. “Your turn to lie down on this.”

“Oh no,” she said with a wave, “I didn’t actually mean you had to…”

“I’m sorry,” he interrupted with a whisper. “Did that sound like a question?”

“No, can’t say that it did.”

He slid off the table. “Get up here, now.”

“Yes, sir.”

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