The Force Inspires Savannah

Darwin's Sword Savannah Book TwoBeing Darwin’s Sword – Savannah Book Two is near completion in content (not editing, unfortunately)…and now having seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice…think I’m feeling a shift with Savannah that I had not acknowledged. The original intent was to cross erotica with sci/fi but, with Darwin’s Sword, it feels more like space opera now…on a much wider scale than I initially set this out.
No…not the cover of the new book. To the right is me just playing with ideas, although that picture did inspire a recent additional chapter to the book.
The definition of space opera is a touch vague but always seems to center on space warfare and melodrama…but Star Trek is space opera and the television series were never truly centered on space battles and more about exploration and adventure.
To me, space opera is a soap opera set up in a sci/fi universe where there is more opportunity for side stories beyond the main canon of prose. It is a story where some of the sidelines have a need to speak their stories in addition to the major arc overriding all.
Example…Apollo 18 fell under the realm of theatrical sci/fi-horror. It’s Blair Witch-like storytelling left no room for any further stories that didn’t center on the main plot of this film. They could do sequels and prequels, as most horror franchises do, to re-milk the same concepts.
For space opera, however, let’s look at Joss Whedon’s Firefly/Serenity…again, not about war specifically, but takes place after the war is over. It left so many avenues for story idea on the main characters alone, never mind the possibilities of working through some of the minor characters such as Badger or Saffron, that it is still being added to with fan fiction ideas even now after it was last on any screens more than a decade ago.
With Savannah, I have already begun laying the groundwork on a third story, An Irish Fall, that is unlikely to include Savannah in the story. This is to be a prequel, of sorts, fleshing out other stories within her fictitious universe…and this is only the first of about seven ideas I’ve had pop into my noggin.
I am writing this more as an attempt to wrap my own head around it than anything else. There’s a possibility I may be writing in this universe for much longer than I initially anticipated.
As always, thanks for reading, it means so much knowing I’m not alone in the curiosity as to where my imagination is taking this.


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