Old Days

Press play…

florida-63690_640 erotica“Porn is from Satan!” Elizabeth Bellows spat the words and wagged a finger in front of Brenda’s face.

Brenda had trouble but succeeded in keeping a straight face. “I’m sorry you feel that way, Mrs. Bellows, but the Regina Pictures company is the only sponsorship offer we’ve received.”

“You young people just don’t understand. We can’t allow them to do this.”

Brenda sighed. “Mrs. Bellows, we can’t afford to be choosy. Besides, Regina Pix has a reputation for pulling women off the streets and treating them well.”

“They do?”

Pulling a sheet of paper from her briefcase, Brenda laid it in front of the 98-year-old woman. “This report shows that they have pulled women out of the hands of abusive pimps and gotten them back onto the straight and narrow. I mean it’s not ideal, but…”

Elizabeth sat back in her chair as her mind wandered…

May 11, 1935…Key West, Florida

“Liza’s gonna blow me tonight!”

The sun had long since dipped below the horizon on the Atlantic Ocean bringing darkness with it. Elizabeth Bellows, using the pseudonym of Liza Bell, let her skirt lift up her thighs as she leaned on the window of the Cadillac Passenger Sedan.

Liza grinned and looked in through the car window at Milt. “Yeah, I’ll blow you, and then I’ll go pray my ass off for forgiveness at St. Mary’s of the Sea.”

“You think God will forgive you if I pay you fifty?”

“God forgives anybody who prays hard enough.”

Milt smiled at her. “Then get in here and I’ll take you to my hotel where you can get on your knees!”

She did and watched the lights as they moved along North Roosevelt. “Which hotel did you get?”

“The Monty,” Milt offered and pointed. “Right there.”

Most of the bulbs around the sign were burnt out but they offered just enough light to see the ‘TY’. The place was a cheap motor inn that offered hourly rates with its teal colour scheme that was easy to clean.

“You’re a cheap bastard, Milt.”

“I know. That’s how I afford you.” He pulled in and parked. With a click closing his door, he jogged around to open Liza’s door and help her out. “Follow me, my lady.”

“I am gonna have to see the money first,” Liza explained.

“I got it. Let’s just get inside and I’ll give it to you.”

Milt was a known entity to her. She trusted him and followed him from the car into the room.

Liza was quick to make the wad of cash Milt gave her disappear, and she did the same to his cock with her mouth. It vanished as she took him deep. There was something about regularish clients that she allowed them that extra depth into her throat.

Then came the door knock, however. “Open up! F.B.I!”

Liza rose from all fours to erect on her knees and offering all her nakedness as the door burst open from a kick sending splinters across the room.

“Milt Butts! You’re under arrest!”

There were guns held by dominating police types that Liza found so attractive. They had her redress and, in cuffs, took her to the station house. There she saw Devlin, the guy who beat her and demanded three-quarters of her cash. It seemed he had spilled the beans on Milt to save his own skin.

“Bastard,” Liza whispered as she walked past him to her interrogation room.

December 22, 2015…Chicago, Illinois

“They help these women?” Liza’s voice was more whimper than anything.

“Yes, they do,” Brenda reassured.

January 17, 2016…Chicago

Forest clicked off the recording. “That’s impressive.”

Brenda sat back in her chair. She was certain Darth Vader would have been impressed with Forest’s voice. “This is the image we want Regina Pictures to give off.”

His black eyes turned to her. “You are aware that we have never saved a woman from any pimp. Quite frankly, so long as we get the end users to click on our videos, I don’t give a fuck what happens…”

Brend held up a nervous hand and stopped him. “Who ever said there was honesty in advertising?”

“Good point,” Forest agreed.

“Will this campaign work for you, Mr. Price?”

His dark eyes widened. “Ms. Knotts, have you ever done porn?”

“Not yet, sir.”


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