Wouldn’t It Be Good

Author’s note: My Savannah series has used a soundtrack as I wrote each part of the series. Just Prey – Savannah Book One used the tunes of Rush and Darwin’s Sword – Savannah Book Two (pre-order available, and released on March 24) used the music of Peter Gabriel. So I’ve cheated…this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt asked for a random tune. Instead, I offer an excerpt from The Orphan War – Savannah Book Three. As you will soon read, this also worked for this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt, as well. The book will be released on October 7, 2016 (my 5th annual 42nd birthday; complete coincidence). With this, I am pleased to share the two acts that are providing the soundtrack to my writing process for this one:

Press play…

“We’re lost.”erotica

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Nigel looked up at the trees and shrugged before folding his arms in front of him. His jeans and t-shirt didn’t seem like such a great idea now, not that he had intended to go on a wilderness hike at the beginning of the day. “Not like anyone’s gonna miss us.”

Savannah glared at him. Her black tights and sleeveless t-shirt showed more skin than Nigel’s, but she still seemed better insulated against the cool breeze.

Nigel sat on a stump with a grunt. Pointing up, he remarked, “The purple leaves are a nice touch. Makes sure I know we aren’t in Kansas anymore.”

Her glare softened. It wasn’t as if she had explained the plan. “Why would we be in Kansas? That’s on Earth.”

His blue eyes locked on her. “Yeah, exactly.”

She shrugged and sat beside him.

“It’d be good if it were Earth.”

Savannah sighed. “Yeah.”

“Not that I don’t enjoy wandering the wilderness in the far reaches of space with you. It’s exciting and all, but I feel like I need to be carrying a towel around with me or something.”

“And a housecoat. You should be in pajamas and a housecoat.”

He laughed and put an arm around her.

“I mean, seriously, Howard Stern has never seen the forests of this place, I’m sure.”

She leaned her head on his shoulder. “I don’t bring all my dates out in deep space.”

“No doubt. The whole vacuum thing between here and…um…”

“Kansas,” she added.

“Yeah, Kansas…would be difficult for them to hold their breath that long. Wait, did you date Stern?”

She ignored the question. “It’s getting dark. We need to find shelter.”

“Shut up while I’m soliloquizing.” He pulled his hand back and placed it on her thigh. “I’m going to have to make you cum now.”

“Oh, I see, you think you have the right to make me cum, do you?”

He turned to her and raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, maybe the right isn’t the right term.”

“It isn’t a bad term, but I know I do. I only play with consenting.” He grinned.

“Maybe I should make you cum.”

“What’s stopping you?” he whispered.

“You’re wearing pants, for one.”

The pants and t-shirt were gone and folded on top of the stump. Nigel had considered kicking off his sneakers and socks as well but thought better as who knew what was hiding in the grass on this alien landscape.

Again, it had seemed like a good idea at first but became moot as Savannah tackled him. Having divested herself of all her clothing, she mounted him and began to ride. With a quick shoulder check, she leaned forward using her hands on his chest for balance. “Keeping your socks on. Classy. Did Sheila teach you nothing?”

Reaching up with his right hand, Nigel grabbed a handful of brunette hair and tugged hard. “Yes, she did. But none of her lessons included alien forestry.”

Savannah groaned and let her head be pulled back.

Nigel’s left hand swung and connected solidly with Savannah’s ass.

Her eyes widened. “You’re asking for it.”

“Bloody right I am!”

She stopped and looked down. “Supertramp?”

“Not exactly, that was Bloody Well Right that they did.”

She nodded and began to ride again.

Nigel grunted and moved both hands to grip her hips. He pulled down hard, sheathing his entire erection deep in her. “I’m still asking for it,” he hissed and threw her off.

Tumbling to her right, Savannah felt the burn of her knee dragging across something sharp in the grass. “You’re fuckin’ going to…”

Nigel was on his feet and to her. His right hand again in her hair, he dragged her to standing as well.

To her surprise, Savannah let him shove her against a tree where their lips met in a deep kiss. Her arms around him, while her hands grasped and massaged the back of his bald skull.

Pulling back from the kiss, Nigel spun her. He, too, was surprised Savannah was letting him do this.


His right hand connected with her ass hard.

“Wow,” Savannah cooed and wiggled. She looked back over her shoulder at him to see him looking afraid. She was the predator. She could take him if she wanted to.

But she didn’t want to.

“Do it again,” she hissed.


Pushing her forward, he slid his cock in her from behind and began thrusting.

Savannah was impressed with Nigel’s power. She had fucked him often enough, but he had never gotten remotely aggressive on her before. Her breasts squished against the tree bark with each thrust of his hard cock into her.

“FUCK, YES!” Nigel swung again.


Savannah felt the energy of Nigel’s orgasm approaching but pushed back against them. Her orgasm began to take hold, as well. Her moans began softly, but soon became barks of pleasure.

Pulling out again, Nigel spun her back around and pushed her back against the tree. His hand went between her legs and rubbed fast and hard against her clitoris. His lips locked on hers again as their tongues went dancing again.

Lifting her left leg, she wrapped it around Nigel. A scream leaped from her lips as the orgasm pushed out of her in a squirt.

“Holy shit,” Nigel grinned and kept rubbing. “That’s awesome.”

Savannah laughed and slumped against his shoulder with a playful bite.

Pulling back, Nigel wrapped his hand around his erection and stroked.

Remaining against the tree, Savannah squeezed her breasts and waited for him.

His cum sprayed in an upward arc. The warm liquid landed on her belly first and rolled down. The second spasm landed on her pelvis. The third went low between her legs and got the tree behind her.

Savannah laughed again.

Nigel pushed back against her and, softening or not, pushed his spent cock back into her.

“That was something.” She bit his shoulder again.

“You leaving a mark?”

“Yes, sir.”

He pulled back to look at her. “Since when do you call me sir?”

She grinned at him. “Don’t worry, it ends in about thirty seconds and it won’t happen again.”

“Oh.” His eyes showed disappointment.

“Unless you surprise me like this again.”

His mouth grew a grin.

“We still need to find shelter.”

“Give me shelter,” he whispered.

Her eyebrow raised.

“You don’t know the Stones?”

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