The Age Old Question

microphone-1172260 erotica“Does age matter?”

Veronique smiled at the mic in front of her. Her brunette curls fell down the back of her deep purple sweatshirt. Her black tights and slippers were not something that would be seen as sexy, but she was able to do this out of uniform. “In a sex club? Only with regards to legal age, after that, no. The club I work for limits it a bit further, though, and you have to be over 25.”

“You have no limits?” the host asked in a deep voice through Veronique’s headphones.

First, Veronique shook her head before remembering he couldn’t see her. “Not at all. I’m paid to be there and to bring pleasure to all, regardless of whether they are 25 or 75.”

Clover, the full-grown boxer that shared Veronique’s apartment, wandered in and under her desk. As was his habit, he laid down on top of her feet.

Reaching down, she rubbed the short fur on his head. He always kept her feet warm which seemed a fair tradeoff for her feeding him. She wondered if any man would ever understand her the way Clover did.

“You love your job?”

Her head popped back up to the mic on hearing the question. For a moment, she considered answering with the truth but changed her mind before opening her mouth. “Absolutely. I get to play with huge cocks and beautiful pussies nightly. What’s not to love?” This audience didn’t want to hear the truth. They wanted to hear how much fun it was having sex every night at Calypso’s.

“I bet.”

“Back to the age thing, if I may.”

“Of course.”

Veronique leaned in closer to her mic and pointed, again forgetting she could not be seen by the host. “I’m in my early thirties and did have one of my best sessions with a seventy-something couple.”

“Do tell.”

“They were very experienced, which made all the difference. She had a tongue that could reach deep, and he had a cock that could reach even deeper. They approached me at the club one evening and just began chatting me up. I ended up on my knees, sucking him off, even before we headed to the back room where we could get more comfortable.” Veronique grinned at the memory; maybe she did love her job sometimes. “In the back, between the three of us, I figure there were eight orgasms.”

Her mind wandered back to the older couple. The taste of Linda’s pussy had been exquisite while Walt’s cock had pumped deeper inside her than most had. The couple had caused her to squirt more than once in that first session, and several times in sessions since then as the three got to know each other better.

“That’s fantastic.”

“In sex, in the friends with benefits realm, age doesn’t matter. In a relationship where you may not find the common elements to explore so easily, that’s another story.”


“In this case, the guy’s case was massive.” Her cheeks felt warm just from remembering how it had felt.

“I bet you get to play with a lot of huge cocks.”

Again she considered giving a truthful answer but thought better of it. “Fuck me, yes.”

“Unfortunately, we are out of time for today and, on that last note, I will be at Calypso’s myself tonight hoping to take you up on that offer.”

She rolled her eyes.

“I would like to thank my guest, Veronique Tempest, of Calypso’s for joining me on today’s podcast. It has been enlightening.”

“Thank you for having me.” Veronique smiled at the mic.

“Next week, The Fucking Geek Show will be back with Dr. Trent Young as we discuss the eroticism of science fiction. Look forward to talking to all you fucking geeks again then. This is Tony Longbottom signing off. Have a great week and even greater orgasms.”

In the headphones, Veronique heard a click.

“Perfect, thanks so much for this.”

“Pleasure was mine, Tony. When will this be on?”

“Ooohhh, on Friday night. A little bit of editing and adding in tunage, and we’re good to rock.”

“Actually, was serious about thinking I might come by Calypso’s tonight to see you.”

Her eyes rolled again. “That’d be fun. I have to get ready for tonight, so gotta go.”

“Cool, so I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

“See you then.” She clicked off her computer recorder and set her headset aside.

Sometimes she might love┬áher job but tonight, knowing how Tony Longbottom wasn’t very long at all, was not likely to be one of those nights.

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