Eight Minute of Pink

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tower-of-pisa-989279 eroticaPink, she thought as she studied it. It had taken a long time to finally have this chance and she needed to make sure that she took this opportunity and ran with it. Her chin rested on Marcus’ thigh as she sat back on her knees. High black boots protected her knees from rug burn; she had learned that lesson the hard way the last time she had tried to do this. Her brunette hair held in a tight ponytail that bobbed just above her shoulders.

“I stood in this unsheltered place, ’til I could see the face behind the face…” Peter Gabriel crooned quietly from the speakers, nearly drowned out by Marcus’ snores.

With the tip of her right pointer finger, she ran it along the seam that held the pink lunar-looking surface together, causing the surrounding hair to stand on end. Her eyes fixated on even the slightest pulse within the vessels and veins as the flesh of her fingers prodded ever so lightly. Two harder round masses were held inside a sack on either side of the seam, and she gave each a very light touch. She would not dare squeeze those as the pain would wake Marcus in a foul mood.

Marcus’ short brown hair was tussled, and his face looked awkward leaning on his left shoulder during his nap.

She allowed her fingers to explore further, this time leaving the pink lunar surface for the towering shaft, which was currently flaccid. The first finger touched the base of the flat tower.

He stirred slightly but snored more. The towering shaft, however, began to rise like that of Pisa. It gained altitude as it left its fleshy landing spot and rose to salute her.

A grin creased her lips, and she allowed her right hand to wrap lightly around it. She studied all the veins and arteries she could see on the rough surface, even rougher than the base holding it with the balls she had already checked on. It was not the longest she had seen, nor the shortest, but it was very thick. The skin around it shifted with her touch of light strokes to check the elasticity of it. Licking her lips, she moved closer, her lips within inches and her breath pushing against it. Her fingers then found the little pink army helmet on top with the hole. She rose erect on her knees for a better look, allowing the tower to rest against her cleavage as she looked down over the top. Her fingers played with the head, opening the hole so she could look more closely. Her grip strengthened as she began to move with the beat of the song. Her tongue flashed around her lips again and then she allowed her tongue one quick circle the army hat before the tip of her tongue pushed into the hole.

Marcus stirred again but still could not escape the hold of sleep.

That’s not going in, she thought with an inner giggle. It was time, she felt, to mark her territory and she did so by a long lingering stamp of the lipstick adorning her lips. She grinned at the first taste of his precum that she licked off her lips. Now, stroking harder with both hands, she held the tower between her breasts and stamped it twice more. A quizzical glance up at Marcus’ closed eyes and she decided it was time to further her exploration. Again, moving in closer, her tongue traced where her hands had explored earlier. Her hands continued holding the tower to keep it out of the way as her tongue ran along the seam and then suckled each ball before the tongue ran the entire length of the tower. Pulling the tower closer yet, she cradled it against her cheek as her lips and tongue lightly searched it for more treasure.  She marked the shaft with her lipstick again before getting back to the top. No more marking as her lips parted and took him into her mouth.

The tower felt so warm as it pulsed against her tongue and jumped. It strengthened, pressing deep into her throat before giving her what she craved in an initial explosion.

She released it, holding the initial offering in her mouth and watched as after pulses sprayed white lava onto his belly. To her shock, her eyes locked with Marcus’ smiling brown eyes.

“Share it with me,” he whispered in a baritone clip.

Lifting herself from her knees with the creaking of her high leather boots, her naked body straddled either side of his legs. Her hand pulled the, again flaccid tower between her legs where it would live inside her until it would rise again to give another offering. Her lips then found Marcus’ and she shared what he had given her as their open mouths tasted each other.

His strong hands grasped her hips at first. Then his right hand moved between her legs and found her clitoris and rubbed it with further pressure on the tower penetrating her.

She moaned and bit his shoulder, rocking back and enjoying the fuck.

Orgasm shot from the tower within her, warm and wet. The veins in his neck popped out, showing the comfortably uncomfortable pleasure he felt. His hands fell from her and his eyes closed again.

Pulling back after he was slumbering again, she sat against the headboard and stroked Marcus’ hair. Now, she thought, how did I get here? Who are you? Her eyes searched the room.

The king-sized bed was the only furniture in the white stucco room. A white door stood opposite the bed with a small square window in the top that was shuttered from the other side.

Hearing his snoring again, she looked down at Marcus. How did I know your name? And who am I?

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