She’s Back

Darwins Sword Thumb SavannahReleased just today…
Savannah, She’s back.
She tried to stop the destruction of Earth and failed.
Now, to save humanity, she has begun the chase of Graven across the galaxy and back. It is her only chance to save the few remaining humans from extinction.
Or is it?
From 19th Century London and the Lyceum Theatre to the 21st Century on the snowy grasslands of Vacki Seventeen, the second volume of Savannah’s erotic tale stretches space and time in her search for the truth behind why the Kettelgian leader wanted humanity destroyed.
This is the follow-up to Just Prey – Savannah Book One released in 2015. (Speaking of which, Just Prey is free on Kindle today)
The trilogy finale, The Orphan War – Savannah Book Three will be out October 7, 2016.

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