Dogging the Alley

“So when can I suck your cock?” Ellen sipped her coffee but kept her eyes locked with his.dogging

A shiver drifted through Roland. He was uncertain whether the shock came from hearing the woman say that to him openly or if it was the cold breeze that Mother Nature had allowed to slip off the surrounding mountains in an attempt to point out that summer was not quite here. “I don’t know; it seems so…”

They sat together on the same side of the umbrellaed table. Her left hand was planted in his lap beneath the table.

“Please,” she said with a wave of her right hand, “I give you twenty minutes.”

“I like to think I last longer than that.”

“I should hope so, but we’ll get to that.” She laughed. “We should have gotten a beer instead of coffee.”No, silly, just to calm you. I’ll be sucking you off within the next twenty minutes, and that will help, but you’re so fuckin’ nervous.”

“You don’t waste time.”

“Why should I? I love the taste of cock, and with the size of that erection I felt when you were getting your nails done, I definitely want yours.”

It had been an hour since they met. He walked in for a mani-pedi, and she was the nail stylist next up. As she had worked on his feet, she had a sense of something massive between his legs. Something confirmed when she moved up to do his fingernails and “accidentally” dragged her hand across his crotch.

His blue eyes had shown shock, but no complaint. Now those same blue eyes found one of the ladies at another table was listening in and blushing. “Okay, twenty minutes. What if I told you I could hold out until next week.”

“Liar. You think you’re Sting or something? Into the ultimate Tantra?” Her eyes followed his to see the blushing woman.

His eyes shifted back to Ellen’s tiny mouth. The thought of that mouth wrapped around him brought him erect again beneath the table.

Her hand still in his lap, Ellen grinned feeling it. “Maybe fifteen. The blonde could help.”

The listening blonde at the other table looked away and blushed harder.

“Listen, I don’t think…”

Ellen turned back and interrupted Roland, “Don’t think. I want my lips around this.” She squeezed. “Then I want it to fuck me.”

“I’m not into one-time things.”

She grinned at him. “Who said anything about one time?”

He had no answer.

She grabbed his hand. “Let’s go now.”

A lost puppy, he was led off the patio and down the back alley behind the coffee shop.

A quick glance around and she led him further through the alley and into an old abandoned building without doors and windows. “This will be perfect.”

“Okay.” The place screamed of The Walking Dead to him, but he still let her pull him in.

She pushed him against a wall and crouched in front of him. “Do you want this?”

He nodded vigorously.

The place was hardly one where they would be hidden well, but it would offer enough cover for anyone who wasn’t looking.

“Just making sure of consent.” A yank and his zipper was down. Her hand slipped in, tugged down the elastic of his briefs, and found his cock as it hardened. “You’ll hurt yourself if I let this get hard in your jeans.”

Roland gasped at the coolness of her fingers wrapping around his erection as she freed it from the tyranny of his denim. The wet warmth of her lips over it had him grab the wall behind him to keep balance with his left hand.

The massive cock vanished completely into her mouth until she made a slight gag sound and released him. “That’s delicious,” she said with a grin before opening wide again.

Roland’s right hand grasped a handful of Ellen’s hair, turning it into a make-shift ponytail as he pulled.

“Mmmm,” was the approving response from Ellen’s full mouth as she continued to suck. One hand cupped his balls and the other on his leg for her balance.

His own want to cum overtook as he thrust, fucking her face. Even with the gagging sound she made with each full length into her mouth, neither stopped.

Tears ran from her eyes that locked with his.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispered.

Deep throat stopped, she took half his length in her mouth and stroked the rest until the erection’s first spasms spilled cum into her mouth. She missed no drops and swallowed all before taking her mouth off of him.

“Wow.” He released her hair and helped her back to her feet. Then, readjusting his pants to close, he worked on catching his breath.

“We’re not finished.” She kissed him with her tongue offering the taste of his own cum.

“I know,” he said, pulling her hair lightly. “We’re just getting started. Your place, or mine?”

Her eyes drifted to one of the open windows. “That depends on your place having room for four.”

He followed her gaze and saw a young couple, both brunette, looking in at them. “Oh boy.”

She laughed. “Oh boy, indeed.”

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