A Baseball Gender Question

sport-640830 genderAs I begin writing this post, I am sitting in a pub watching a baseball game. Indeed, I’d rather watch the snow melt, but I have time to kill while my kids are at a rehearsal, so here I am.

One of the broadcasters just mentioned what a shame it is that the tradition of baseball is not being passed on by parents to the younger set.

That’s right. It’s our fault that the younglings have no love of the diamond, the struggle of hitter v. batter, chewing tobacco, and steroids. Soon all will be forgotten.

I have one question.

Why should we?


Yes, this is a sex positive post, your honor. If the court allows me some leeway, I suspect my reasoning for this will be clear. I promise, your honor, at no time will I refer to the clichés of second or third base as metaphors for heavy petting during this post…except right here.

Over ruled.

First off, baseball isn’t going anywhere. Some children will still play the game and enjoy it as they always have. Hell, I even played little league when I lived in the US; admittedly, I played poorly for a horrible team, but I enjoyed being part of the game.

These people that throw around words like “tradition” are more concerned about the professionals. They are concerned about the business of the Major Leagues taking a hit in market share from, oh I don’t know, the video game market. They suggest these “heroes” need to be celebrated and admired, even though many of them do little for society beyond entertainment. Please feel free to inject any professional sport into this equation. Although I am a fan of pro hockey and football, I can admit they are just business as well.

So rather than these self-proclaimed “Major Leagues” trying to change their product, they put the guilt spin on people to try and get those of us who are parents to drag the kids to a game.

Sound familiar?

Rather than dealing with the actual problem, the antecedent, they believe that addressing the result with glares meant to cause guilt will fix the issue.

Here, in Canada, there has been a recent move to suggest that serving staff at restaurants and pubs should be dressed in gender neutral uniforms to avoid women feeling sexualized.

I get it. I really do. Women don’t want to be constantly seen as sexual objects by men. I can sit here and say that they aren’t until my face turns blue, but I can only speak for myself.

Unfortunately, I know some men that would very quickly prove me wrong.

But rather than deal with the root problem of entitlement of these men, let’s just cover the women up and hide their gender, shall we? Let’s slut shame the women for being different from men and distracting us. In fact, how about we take it a step further and force any woman who enjoys wearing more revealing clothing and punish her because of this issue. Why don’t we leave it so that men can’t see anything on women except the eyes…and that’s only for safety reasons, of course, as we don’t want her tripping as she moves about the kitchen in her barefoot and pregnant state.

Okay, yes a bit of extreme and yes a slap at religion, but why are women forced to fix a problem that is masculine in nature?

I say this and turn to see the mothers of some of these boys laughing at the boy’s antics with the excuse, “Boys will be boys.” It seems that is enough excuse that we can no longer have girls being girls.

The problem would seem to be that we don’t know how to deal with the core issue. How do we stop men from treating women like sexual objects?

I don’t have this answer. Being I have three daughters, for their sakes, I wish I did.

But covering women up feels like a complete suppression of the problem. It’s like trying to fix a sinkhole on the road by covering it with an asphalt coloured blanket and hoping nobody drives over the hole.

The closest thing to an answer I have is that we need to stop separating the genders.

Unisex washrooms where each has an individual stall but shared sinks, for example, would take some of the difference away. How about the Oscars offer one award for acting and one for supporting acting without addressing the gender of the actors nominated and awards?

Maybe we should allow crying in baseball…

…it would set a better example that chewing tobacco, that’s for certain.

There are so many places where the genders are separated due to traditions where it really isn’t necessary. I can’t help but think this is a bigger part of the problem than we are addressing. We are so set in our ways and afraid of change that these things simply aren’t considered.

The Oscar thing I mentioned above was originally meant to sound funny, but it really rings true as a perfect example where we separate men from women with no good reason to do so.

It seems like such a simple thing and I’m certain bigger heads than mine will knowingly shake at this suggestion before telling me to cover up as I might distract someone. I’m sure this is all just a swing and a miss on my part, anyway.

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  1. Well said. This is a battle I have been fighting for years. If some women want to be pious and cover themselves, that is fine, but if their menfolk or their ‘culture’ put pressure on them to conform, then it is not. My dear, late brother-in-law was brought up a Moslem, but he left the religion because he didn’t want his daughters to be repressed in that manner. The penalty for apostasy is death – but the fact that he is dead means that I can say these things without putting him at risk. He spent many years berating both his large family and fellow countrymen (Pakistan) to get them to think for themselves, rather than blindly following what he considered an out-dated religion, and especially to treat women as their equal. Unfortunately his pleas largely fell on stony ground. Hopefully freedom from religion will come, but I fear not in our lifetimes.
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  2. I agree with you completely, we should stop separating people only because of gender. In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with restrooms that can be used by both genders. We all use the same loo at home too, don’t we? Thankfully, I have never been repressed because of gender, and I hope I never will be.

    Rebel xox

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