The Freedom Cage

The cage moved. It swung forward and back, almost to the beat of the tune wafting in from the overhead speakers. It was four feet from the floor, and the audience gave it a wide radius to avoid injury.cages-1151409_1920 swingers

The first time this had happened, Kara had been rather concerned. It had swung causing her to lose balance and crash against the side of steel bars. The bruises were odd and, unlike when Jon flogged her, not at all pleasant.

She had learned, however.

Learned to keep her balance as the cage moved. Learned to dance and keep rhythm even as the scene might spin around her.

Tonight the scene was as usual as this place ever got.

“I’m going to fuck Emma tonight,” Jon had told her. He had zipped up the back of her dress earlier and turned Kara around to announce this.

“And?” Kara asked. “Not like you haven’t fucked her before.”

“True, but I don’t usually play when you’re in the cage. You usually make me nervous, and I try to spot.”

Kara grinned. Even as the cage moved, she could see Jon pushing his erection into Emma on a mattress along the back wall.

Emma, a long-haired redhead, was on her back and in nothing more than her black corset that bunched her bouncing ample breasts.

It was unusual for Jon not to be part of Kara’s audience, but she knew he was still half watching her even from over there while buried cock-deep.

Nathan, however, was a nervous sort. He sat naked on the leather couch nearest the cage with his eyes fastened on Kara. He also had a crush on her.

Kara smiled at him, locking eyes between the bars as she held on to them and moved within. It would not be long before Nathan would approach the cage, lock it down, and then offer her his erection between the bars. The first few times it had been very sensual, then it became cute, but now Kara hoped he’d not. The novelty wore off after about ten times or so and if nothing else, she was in the swinging lifestyle for some variety.

There was nothing wrong with Nathan. He was tall and average build with a full head of graying brunette hair. A smart wit, kind manner, and his tendency of being a sensitive lover didn’t hurt, either. But the novelty wore off after about ten times of between-bars blowjobs

If nothing else, she was in the swinging lifestyle for some variety. Her eyes drifted away and found Melvin and Marta.

They were an older couple than the average club patron as both, Kara guessed, were north of 60. Melvin and Marta did like to put on a show and, as usual, they were succeeding. Marta was on all fours with Melvin behind her. The accent of this scene, however, was Melvin with both hands full of Marta’s long gray hair and pulling back. Marta’s back arched and her face showed pure pleasure.

That’s why Kara liked it here. It was all about being free to enjoy pleasure.

The thought struck her as funny, for a moment, as she considered the bars around her.

She would lock herself in here as her exhibitionist got fed by the audience that always formed. The eyes around her would ramp her libido up until she needed to get out there and play. As her eyes searched the room, tonight it would likely be Nathan she played with.

Jon, still deep inside Emma, looked over at her and grinned.

As the song slowed, Kara stopped her movements and waited for the cage to slow enough to allow her to get out.

Nathan stood and went to get the step ladder for her to get out.

The cage, however, had other ideas.


Kara’s eyes shot upward in time to see wood splinter as the hook holding the cage from the ceiling beam above was ejected.

The cage was still at such an angle that the bottom corner hit ground first before it tilted forward onto its side and rolled.

Kara rolled with it and thought, This wasn’t what I wanted them to see.

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