Director Jake and the Opportunity of Karine

Author’s note: This is an excerpt from Director Jake in the Dungeon of Crimson, which will be available on Kindle June 17.

Sensual overload.DJCrimsonDungeon copy

I’m not sure how else to describe Crimson Drake’s party. I’ve never experienced anything remotely like it.

There were bodies everywhere and, being the reporter that I am I feel the need to mention that none of them were dead. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“Karine? Are you okay?” It was Jake asking me and even with his masque his blue eyes showed his concern.

I think I jumped on hearing his voice as the scene had taken me almost like the fog of war. My ears were ringing from all the orgasmic moans around me just as they would if a grenade went off beside me. Pulling myself together, I smiled and nodded.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me further into the melee.

Jake and I may have been the only two clothed people there. Me in what I previously thought of as my slutty black dress with nylons and pumps and Jake in his black jeans and leather jacket with a red t-shirt beneath. It seemed too much as everyone else was down to just masques.

The bodies around us writhed, sang, and slithered everywhere as cocks, fingers, and tongues penetrated in what appeared to be random couplings.

As Jake pulled me, I caught sight of Grover laying back on what I’d heard referred to as an S-chair. Seems Jake and I weren’t the only members of the film crew invited to tonight’s party. Grover’s cock was being devoured by a buxom blonde while Grover’s own mouth accepted Crimson’s cock.

The older man thrust gently between Grover’s lips as he looked around and caught my eye. He smiled at me and offered a playful shrug from across the room.

“I swear he was dressed only a minute ago,” I said to Jake.

Jake continued pulling me towards the door leading off stage without seeming to hear me over the commotion.

One man, against the wall near the door, had a redhead and a blonde on their knees in front of him. Each woman took a turn sucking on him while his face showed such agonizing pleasures.

Jake stopped to open the door.

I froze, released Jake’s hand, and turned.

My memories of that moment include a brunette with two men spreading her legs apart and taking turns dipping their tongues into her. A blonde on a leather and chain swing leaning back to accept a giant black cock in her mouth while another massive white cock fucked her pussy. The blonde still sucking on Grover now had a bald man behind her, spreading her ass cheeks and setting up to penetrate her from behind.

After that, it was all just a blur of flesh until Jake yanked me off the stage and closed the door behind us.

The sounds remained, but they were muffled as I collapsed into Jake’s arms. “Holy shit.”

“I know, you looked like it was too much. I was worried you were going to pass out.”

“I should have eaten something when I went home. Crimson gave me champagne in the car and between that and this…” My eyes drifted back to the door.

“I can fix that.” Jake walked across the prop warehouse with the echo of his cowboy boot heels on the cement floor. Stooping, he opened a small refrigerator that sat between two of the dressing room doors and stood back up with a wrapped sub sandwich. “Leftovers from lunch.”

“Bless you.”

He handed it to me. “I didn’t sneeze, and I’m quite atheist.”

The sandwich was perfect with its ham, mustard, lettuce and other bits. My belly celebrated it coming down as I chomped down on it. “Thank you.”

He nodded. “So now you’ve seen.”

“Yeah, guess I have.”

“At least, when we shoot tomorrow, things are a lot tamer.”

“I’d figure as much.”

“Getting a scene right means there’s very little spontaneity. And this,” he said waving at the door, “takes spontaneity to a level most mere mortals can’t digest.”

I nodded and took another bite.

“Your mission is as follows: you can stay and observe, you can stay and join in, or I can take you home.”

“I just got here,” was the first thing to slip out of my mouth.

“So your choice is down to two, then. However, I’d recommend more champagne first.”

I felt the grin on my face. I wanted to see more. “I don’t want to drink too much, though.”

“Of course not. But the old theorem of beer goggles suggests your brain might process more gently with a little more cushion.”

I wasn’t sure where he got it from, but he handed me a tall flute full of the bubbly, which I proceeded to down in one gulp.

“Yeah, don’t drink too much.” His eyes showed concern again.

I bit into the sandwich again before putting it down on a table. I then pulled my dress up over my head.

His eyes widened. “May I make a suggestion?”

I nodded.

“Being your first time at such, don’t take this as a criticism.” He pulled his jacket off and began untucking his t-shirt. “Lose the nylons. Panties, bra, and pumps will look fantastic, as would naked. Actual pantyhose, however, seems a bit out of place here.”

“I should have bought stockings.”

“True, they would have fit in better. With a nice garter belt and… Sorry, my mind is wondering. And remember that if you’re just observing, no is your safe word.”

“You were talking to Crimson, weren’t you.”

Jake grinned and nodded. “Now, Karine, Are you ready?”

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