The Choice is Yours

paintball-1282164 eroticaNina smelled fear in the air. The crisp cold air carried it to her nostrils quickly, and she imagined this had to be what Leslie Nielsen felt in one of those Naked Gun films. A glance down at her rifle confirmed the paint-cartridge was cocked and fully loaded.

It was one thing to ride Kevin, but it was quite another to blast the fuck out of him with red paint. Good thing he wore a mask.

She glanced around the tree, but couldn’t see him. Her ears had picked up movement over the ambient birds, breeze, and babbling brook, but nothing in sight. Her long blonde hair was tucked, uncomfortably, into the blue camouflage helmet. In fact, she was entirely decked out in what was likely the unsexiest outfit ever; loose-fitting blue fatigues.

A tree branch snapped behind her.

Crouching, she spun just as a yellow paintball impacted her goggles.


Demlin laughed as he applied the shaving cream. “He hit you in the face?”

“Not on purpose,” Nina said in more pleasured moan than her actual voice. “I dropped to a crouch. He was aiming for my midriff.

“Yes, because every man wants to shoot his wife.” Demlin looked to the side to put the cup and shaving brush on the table. Next, he picked up the straight blade. “So you come here to feel more feminine again.”

She laughed and pulled her blonde hair over one shoulder. “It was a choice. Do this, or beat the shit out of him.”

Demlin dragged the blade across her pelvis, shaving off a path in the hair. “He might have enjoyed that.”

“I know I would have.”

“Yet you chose this?” He swiped another path.

“This does more for me.” Leaning back in the stylist chair, her legs squirmed in their stirrups.

In silence, Demlin completed the shave. Wiping the blade on a towel, he set it down. Standing up from his stool he walked to the bathroom and quickly returned with a warm, damp towel to clean her off.

“Oh, fuck, that’s good.”

Removing the towel, he set it aside. He pushed his fedora higher up on his forehead before his hands between her legs to massage her thighs.

Her blue eyes met his brown, and she looked hungry.

Moving to the middle, his left hand opened her pussy lips, and his right hand inserted fingers. Leaning closer, his tongue found her clitoris.

She was careful not to knock his hat off, but reached down to the back of Demlin’s neck and pulled him tight into her. “That’s what I needed.” Her thighs spread further.

Demlin felt her shudder as her orgasm approached. At least, with Nina, he knew she wasn’t going to squirt, and his hat could stay on. His tongue continued licking and darting as his fingers began to feel her orgasm push back.

Nina screamed and grabbed his neck with both hands, pulling herself up in the chair until she was leaning over him.

“That was a good one.” Demlin gave her pussy lips one final kiss before pulling back.

“Yeah, it was.”

Demlin rested his right forearm on top of her thigh and propped his chin on top. His left fingers continued teasing her pussy. “And Kevin can’t do that for you?”

She laughed. “It sounds cruel, but his wheelchair gets in the way. On the bed, I can only sit on him so long before my knees give out.”

“Yeah, it does sound a bit cruel, but he’s the one that pays for you to come back here.”

She growled and stroked Demlin’s neck before pulling her hands back. “He loves me. Wants me to have these things I crave.”

“Speaking of…” Demlin pulled back and straightened.

“Yes,” she agreed. “We’ve left him out front long enough.”

“I’m surprised he’s never asked to come back and watch.”

She grinned. “He told me once that the screams turn him on.”

Demlin shrugged. “On that, it is his choice.”

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