Some Serious Sounding Sex and Erotica

“Sex should always be serious,” Meg said before rolling her tongue across the tip of his cock. “Never take it light-heartedly.”erotica

Walt reached behind and pulled his head up from the pillow so he could lock eyes with her over his belly. “No fun should be had.”

“None at all.” She puckered her lips and planted a long kiss on his cock head. Her brunette hair fell in front of her and veiled his cock.

“Move your hair, would you? That, much like fun, causes it to be too distracting. The pleasure would be missed.”

Meg pulled her lips back but left her tongue dabbing at the hole in his cock head.

“Distraction isn’t good.”

She exaggerated her nod as if in I Dream of Jeannie. “Distraction isn’t good.”

His hand released his head to rest back on the pillow and went to the back of hers to pull.

Meg obliged, opening her mouth and sucking him in.

“That’s my girl.” His head lolled to the left as he closed his eyes.

With her mouth full, she had no response.

“You’re gonna make me cum again.” His lips turned into a smile as his mind mulled this thought.

She pulled his cock from her mouth. “Hey! This isn’t supposed to be fun!”

“No, no fun at all.”

“And, besides…” The alarm on the bedside table interrupted her thought. “Shit. Time flies.”

Pulling his arm back, Walt propped himself up on his elbow into a half sitting position and looked around the tiny bedroom. “So it does. Did you see my arm?”

Meg sat up and did her own survey of the area. “I’ve known you five years, and that’s still an unusual question. It’s on the floor.” She reached down and picked up the prosthetic arm. Like their clothes, it had been cast aside in their initial play.

He took it from her and lay it on the bed to his right. “I like that I can still surprise you. Wish it were more than just questions about my arm.”

She laughed and fished her bra and panties from the ground. “Oh, it is, and that’s just an obvious one.”

“You can’t stay?” he whispered. His fingers found her spine and lightly ran down it.

“I wish I could. Darryl and the kids will be home in an hour. I have to be there before they are, or there will be questions.”

He nodded and sighed. “Aways so many questions.”

“The kids aren’t ready for those answers yet.” The athletic bra slipped over her head, and she began the epic struggle to get her arms into it. “I hate bras.”

His eyes lifted and met hers. “Will they ever be?”

“Be what? Unfortunately, there are many frowns when I try to go sans bra in a professional world.”

“Will the kids ever be ready.”

“One day.” After pulling her black t-shirt over her head, her eyes flicked to him in an attempted flirt. “You gave me some real inspiration today.”

He lay back again and sighed. “I do enjoy inspiring you.”

“That’s not the only reason I’m here; you know that. Furthermore, you’re a pretty decent fuck.”

He smiled. “You’re here for some serious sex and erotica. Next time, maybe we add in some kink.”

“Yeah? Such as what?” She stood and stepped into the white panties. She wiggled as if that would make pulling them over her hips easier.

“Maybe urethral sounding?”

Her eyes widened. “You’d do that? You’d stick a rod in your penis?”

“Fuck no, because I’m just not into pain that much.” He laughed. “Just wanted to see your reaction.”

“You’re not into pain at all. You’re scared getting a pedicure.”

“Just wanted to see your reaction.”

“Kinks aren’t easy with you. Seems odd to tie up a one-armed man.”

“That’s so low, Meg,” he groaned with a bright smile. “You’ll find a way.”

“My readers would demand no less.” Pulling her long jean skirt on, she stepped towards the dresser-top mirror at the foot of the bed for inspection. After twisting the skirt into its proper frontal position, she grabbed the hairbrush from the dresser and worked it through her hair.

“The readers, that’s why we’re here.” His reflection winked at her. Rolling right, he picked up his own mobile and began flipping through messages. “All these messagesĀ and still no one has anything interesting to say.”

“Fifty-seven channels and nothing on.” She walked around the bed and leaned over to kiss him. “I gotta go.”

His arm grabbed her and pulled her down for deeper tongue exchange.

With a laugh, she unlocked her lips from him. “I really gotta go. The cross-town bus takes forty minutes, and I’m five minutes walking to the stop.”

“So walk faster,” he said and mocked her. “I know you have to return to real life and lather yourself in vanilla, once again.”

“Honey, my life is so not vanilla,” she said feigning a deep southern drawl.

“Okay, so you’re submerged in domestification then.”

She swatted his chest. “I’m the fucking writer, so you have no right to be making up words.”

“Fucking writer, indeed. Say hi to Darryl for me. Tell him that he needs to buy you a car. It needs to be a nice one too, so I’ll look good riding in it.”

She kissed his forehead. “Love you.”

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