Sex on the Two Broken Chairs

Darryl lay back and stared up at the stucco ceiling. “I need more friends like you, Rufus. Most either don’t want to hear about this, or don’t care.”polyamory erotica

Rufus stared across the room at Darryl with a pad in his lap, ready to take notes.

“Meg and I have become like two chairs.” Darryl turned his head to look at Rufus. “She’s the majestic dining room chair, like that one beside you. It’s so sturdy and confident that it will succeed in whatever it is called upon to do. I’m the wooden one you’re sitting on that’s ready to collapse.”

The open window allowed the sound of rubber on the road, as cars passed on random quests below.

The room was mostly dark with only a single shaded table lamp ignited. It offered enough light to see the wall clock ticking its way towards one in the morning.

“She has so much confidence now. I know I helped her find it, but then he came along.” Darryl reached down to the floor and found his drink. “Evan got hold of her and her confidence has skyrocketed to levels she couldn’t have achieved with just me.”

Rufus’ brown unblinking eyes watched Darryl.

“I know what you’re thinking.” Darryl pointed at Rufus with glass in hand. Before continuing, Darryl brought the glass to his lips for a sip. “Oh, fuck. I needed this.” His eyes returned to the ceiling, and his hand steadied the glass on his chest. “You, my friend, are thinking I made my bed. I encouraged her to spread her wings and explore this polyamorous lifestyle, and now I complain about the fact I’m feeling left behind.”

Another fleet of cars on quests passed outside in the darkness.

“Guess they’re starting to get up to work, eh?” Darryl pushed his chin to his chest and looked towards the large window that looks across the vast view of brick from the building across the street. “I’ve watched her fuck so many guys, and I’ve enjoyed it. Not always, I admit. There have been times I’ve felt self-conscious and left out but, again, that’s my own doing. This whole lifestyle is an adjustment when you’re brought up traditional.”

The refrigerator generator kicked in with a click.

Rufus glanced at the fridge behind the kitchen island and then back to Darryl.

“There was this one time when we had a couple back to the apartment, here. The guy was playful and massive, and I watched Meg riding his cock as the sun came up. He had her bent over against that window while he did it. It was unbelievable to watch.” Darryl lifted the glass and sipped again. “His wife wasn’t interested. It was like playing with a dead fish, but I should be used to that by now. This body isn’t exactly Adonis now, is it?”

Rufus offered no answer.

“This is why I like you, Rufus. You don’t judge.” He stared at his drink, now half gone, and shook it slightly to jingle the ice cubes inside. “I think that particular night may have been the tipping point. The night where her confidence finally outgrew me. The couple was Barbara and Heath.”


Six months earlier:

Barbara laid back on the couch and waited while Darryl rolled the condom down over his cock. The truth is, she had been in this position since they had started. Her blonde ponytail was still tight and precise, and her soccer mom body had offered little reaction to Darryl’s touches and tongue.

Heath, Barbara’s husband, leaned on the kitchen island watching his wife and Darryl. Tall, bald, and muscled, he seemed uncomfortable watching the scene but did nothing to stop it. His grey slacks and white shirt were tight enough to show off those muscles that he, no doubt, had worked very hard to earn.

Meg stood by the window watching cars passing below. Her brunette hair was down and blew lightly off her shoulders from the incoming breeze. A red polka dot dress fell to her knees, showing off her gorgeous legs until the white pumps took over. The look on her face suggested annoyance.

Heath had shown strong interest in Meg, but when it came time to play his submissive nature took over.

Darryl lifted Barbara’s limp legs and applied his chubby, half-erect cock between them and Barbara cooed her appreciation of the penetration.

With a sigh, Meg stepped back from the window and bent forward. Pulling her skirt up, she revealed her bare ass. Looking over her shoulder, she caught Heath’s widening eyes. “Are you coming?” she asked with a sly grin. Pushing a finger inside her pussy, she pulled it back so he could see how wet she already was.

Heath nervously glanced at Barbara.

“Go on, have fun.”

His clothes fell from him quickly revealing the healthy, athletic body beneath. At no point did his large cock dangle between his legs as it was hard on its first appearance. With his teeth, he ripped open a condom pack and had the erection sheathed before walking the five feet to where Meg was waiting for him.

“Holy, fuck!” Meg screamed feeling the cock push in.

Darryl thrust lightly into Barbara but watched Heath fucking Meg with hard, slapping thrusts.

The sunlight began to appear outside, and the windows across the street reflected it to near full daylight.

Meg wailed her enjoyment as she pushed her hips back against Heath.

Heath spanked her hard, and thrust harder.

“You cum yet?” Barbara asked. “I’m sorry, I’m exhausted and have had enough.”

Darryl looked down and pulled out of Barbara and got off her.

Meg screamed as her orgasm chugged through her.

Heath groaned as his followed.

Barbara sat up and began pulling her clothes back on. “As soon as he’s done, we’ll be out of here.”

Meg collapsed to her knees. Her body heaved trying to catch her breath.

Majestic and triumphant, Heath stood over her with a condom full of white and his cock still erect.



“It was Heath and Barbara that introduced Meg to Evan. Evan is one of Heath’s bodybuilding friends.” Darryl sipped the last of his drink and turned on his side to set down the glass. “I’d be surprised if Meg hasn’t fucked Heath again since then.”

Hearing a sound in the hallway outside the apartment, Rufus looked away for a moment and then back to Darryl.

“You know, I built that chair you’re sitting in. Yeah, was one of my pitiful attempts at being handy. I think it scares Meg.” He laughed. “I’m glad you like it, though.”

Rufus wagged his tail and jumped off the chair. His paws tapped lightly on the hardwood floor as he padded across to Darryl.

“You’re a good friend. You get me.” He sat up and patted Rufus on the head. With his left hand, he scratched between Rufus’ ears and with his right he picked up the glass. “I need a refill.” He stood up and walked around the kitchen island.

Rufus growled.

“No, man. She’s not coming home tonight, either.”

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